tiistai 5. helmikuuta 2013


Hello darlings!

I know, there is no point for me to even start this post with the same words, since you all know what I'm about to say.

So I'll just let you know that against all the odds and my intentions, I started a wedding blog. Just like a month ago I was laughing so hard over some bridezillas blogs, but maybe mine might be slightly different and not filled with typical stuff? Well who knows, the blogs main reason is to serve me as my "notebook" about everything I have already managed to do and what is left undone. Also it serves as a great inspiration map, since I seem to forget all the cool stuff I have already seen and might use in our wedding as well.

And the blog is this time in finnish, since I feel it is so much easier to write that way about these things.

Anyway if you are interested, make your way to: http://neverendingdecade.blogspot.fi/

And yes, I might be just as quiet as before in this blog, since I'm trying to also update the one about my boutique. But in a nutshell: I'm feeling excellent and everything is great. I'm quite busy when it comes to work - but I love it!


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