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Inspirational people


I conscider myself very lucky to have so many talented (and beautiful, seriously how come all my friends are so goddamn gorgeus?! Not that I'm complaining ;) ) people around me.

There are two special ladies that I would like you to meet and get to know. And yes, they are both friends of mine.

1. Lumimarja
She is this amaaaaazing singer who also makes her own songs and is, well, bloody fantastic. Her voice is something that I truly admire AND she is also absolutely gorgeus. Go figure.

"La Bruja" by Saara Salmi (2012)


She also organizes the very popular Ofelia Market in Helsinki and Tampere couple times a year. What a multitalent!! And this song here is something that gives me goose bumps every time I listen to it. Lumimarja's voice is just to die for, don't you think?

2. A very dear friend of mine, Fiona Timantti.
I dont' even know where to start up with this lady.
Well first of all, I met her like 7(?) years ago and before that I had been stalking her in the internet. She is a wonder woman to the max. She is a milliner, part time pin-up model, dj and a costumer. And she is just drop dead gorgeus as well. She is really one of the first "idols" of mine when I got into vintage and burlesque scene. 

The gorgeus head piece is by herself, of course. Amazing!

Photo: Riku R.

Now she has also made history within the finnish designers since Lady Gaga herself has been photographed wearing a Mouse Fatale hat by Fiona!! There are only 5 Mouse Fatales in the world (all unique and made specificly for the people who own them), one of them is Gaga and one of them is ME.

Yes I truly feel special.
Lady Gaga wearing a gift from a Little Monster.


Some of the photos are from Saara Salmi / Atelieri O. Haapala. And man, I could make a whole entry dedicated to them only! 

My life kinda rocks, you know?

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