torstai 11. lokakuuta 2012

Beautiful girls.

A little advice from my friend: join blogilista. So yes, now you can find me there as well.
Me and technology, not the best of friends.

Anyway. Since I found out that there actually are some people who read my twaddleling and actually want me to write more, then so be it.

Like I said at the previous post, I have been extremely busy with everything and sometimes I wonder it all myself as well; how do I manage to do all this by myself? I seriously don't know, but who cares as long as it works out and I love it.

At the moment I am busting my ass with a new "collection" and we will have some photoshoots in Salo with Jarno Lindholm (again, but duh he's so good!) and modeling for me this time are Cherrie (well duh vol.2) and then the winner of Pin-Up Finland competition, Jenssu Suicide! I absolutely love her look and her tattoos give that extra oompf to my clothes. I do love the contrast as well of having super girly stuff worn by a very tattooed gorgeus lady. You can also like Jenssu on facebook!

Next week it is also time for the second Suomi Burleski Gaala, where me and Cherrie are performing as well. And week after that, Horror & Tease Show! I highly recommend all of you to get your tickets NOW, before it's too late! You can get them by visiting my boutique or sending me an e-mail to info(a) and I can send you a couple of tickets :)

Oh and if you are wondering WHY you should join us to the best halloween show in Finland? Well. Since one of my absolute favourite performers (she is in my top 5 if not top 3 perfomers in the world!) is performing there; Anna Fur Laxis. AND she is doing a brand new number that has never before been performed in Finland! 

 Photo: Don Spiro

(Also Holy Curves! have their own spanking new act premiering there.. you have to see that one as well, believe me. And it's a number that we won't be able to pull off everywhere..). But back to Anna. If you are still hesitating, just look at this video of her and make your own judgement. She just blows my mind.

(Lucky me, I got to see that act LIVE in Vegas. Do I need to tell you that I screamed my lungs out?)

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