lauantai 29. syyskuuta 2012

Umm.... what?

Hi! Remember me, I'm the girl who used to write a blog about her life?
Yes. I'm still alive.

Once again, there has been way too much happening in my life that I would have had the time to let you know all the details. And Facebook is sooooo much easier, you know? :D

Anyway. Where shall I begin?

1. The Pin-Up Finland competition was a success and our lovely winner is Jenssu Suicide, the second was Wendy D'ville and the third Miss Magpie. We had so much fun during the weekend but it was also so much work that I'm happy it's over.. at least for some time.

2. My new boutique. Yes I have finally made one of my dreams a reality and set up a REAL boutique for Olivia Rouge Shop. We are open Mon-Tue 12-17. Of course sometimes we might be open a little more as well :) The boutique is located at the same address as my previous atelier, I have just moved to the other side of the building as well. How handy is that?! Very.
Soon there will be a grand opening party where EVERYONE is welcome. But I'll get back to that later on. Hopefully.

(my new boutique logo designed by Tuuli Juntunen)

3. Burlesque shows. Yes I have been very busy with organizing and performing in different burlesque shows. My Teerenpeli Tease shows have been a great success and thanks to all the people who have come to the shows, we are going to have them more next spring! Yay!
My Horror & Tease Show is also back and the tickets for it will be on sale next monday (1st of October). The line-up is absolutely amazing and I am so excited for the whole show! Hope you will be there as well. You better!

(Poster by Cherry Dee)

4. Personal life. Like you already know, I got engaged last New Years Eve and now we have set a date for our wedding and started planning it. The wedding takes place September 2013 and we have already booked the venue and might have our ceremonial place chosen as well. We are not getting married in a church, since we are not great believers on.. well, anything.
So the stuff you might be more interested about: Yes I have pretty much decided on my wedding dress and have bought one of the fabrics for it already. I won't be making it myself since it would turn out to be a total burdain instead of something fun. So my dear friend Anni from HiroNIA is making the dress + corset + all the shenanigans.
I have also pretty much decided on the ring as well and it won't be vintage, but it will have a vintage feel to it.
Shoes are still under consideration.

(Photo from Google)

So that's that for now. I need to rush for a show in Pori with Cherrie and girls from Thee Dizzy Daisies: Pepper Sparkles and Sandy Jungle!

It would be nice to know how many people actually would like me to write more about my life or have you all just given up on me? I wouldn't be surprised :D

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  1. I haven't given up! :) I can totally understand the whole life-gets-in-the-way-of-blogging-thing, have had a lot of that myself.. It'd still be nice to read your writings, so please do continue! Oh and September wedding sounds great - me and my hubby got married in Sept last year. ;)

    1. YES to autumn weddings! <3 And thanks for hanging around :)

  2. Write more, please. Your blog is both beautiful and entertaining and I have been checking it at least once a week hoping you had written something new. :)

    1. I'll do my best from now onwards! Thank you for being patient and coming back over and over again :)

  3. Joo kirjoita useemmin!! Ja olispa huippua jos tää löytyis myös blogilistalta niin osais eksyä tänne silloin kun täällä tapahtuu. :)

    1. No pirskuta mä mitään blogilistoja osaa käyttää :D Katotaa jos mä vaikka täs taas tutkisin.. ja joo voishan sitä ehkä kirjottaakin useemmin mut tuntuu et ei jaksa kirjotella mistään tylsästä + pitäis varmaa tosiaan noita kuviakin joskus ottaa..