perjantai 23. maaliskuuta 2012

Iron Sky Gala!

The ones of you who don't give a damn about Iron Sky (WHY?!) I'm sorry, but I still need to post a thing or two.. or twenty about this film and what I'm doing and where.

So the big big Iron Sky Gala will be held here in Tampere next monday and I am SO excited about it. Firstly me and Cherrie will be official Scho-Ka-Kola girls the whole night and doing what we do best; smiling, chit chatting to the audience, posing in photos and passing chocolate! Yes, I love my job.

Here is the poster of that particular event and I have to say it must be one of THE most amazing posters I have ever had a chance to witness. The structure in the middle of the picture is Tampere's own Näsinneula! And since I am very fond of my hometown, the poster (and the movie of course since it's origins come from here!) make me feel oh so patriotic.. or whatever.

So that's where I'll be heading on monday AND if some of you readers are coming to see the movie the next day (tuesday 27th) here in Tampere, me and Cherrie will be promoting again at the 2 p.m show together! So come by and say hi! I will be looking something like this:

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  1. Maanantaita odotellessa.. Täytyy tulla moikkaamaan jos bongaan siut :)

  2. Indeed maanantai häämöttää toiveikkaana jo mielessä! Ja toki tule sanomaan moi jos satut minut jossain siellä näkemään :)