perjantai 10. helmikuuta 2012

One week left!

Darlings! Only a week left until the most spectacular event in the Finnish Burlesque Scene! If you still haven't purchased your tickets to this amazing event, DO IT NOW!

The 1 day saturday tickets are already sold out, BUT you can still get the 2 day tickets AND one day tickets for Friday, that's when I am performing my brand new solo act and Holy Curves! are doing a brand new spectacle as well. So there is enough reasons to buy the tickets to friday! :D And remember, there are different performances on both days even though some of the performers are the same, so there is plenty to see on both days!

So get your tickets NOW from Tiketti: Helsinki Burlesque Festival tickets

I still have gazillion things to do before the actual perfomance day so that's all for now, gotta keep on sewing stuff...phew!

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