sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2012

Valentine's sale!!

Now you can enjoy Valentine's day in a stylish way! There is a 20% off discount on all the heart patterned dresses and skirts until the 5th of February. And all you guys out there, yeah YOU! This post isn't just for girls you know? It's for you, since what would be a better gift to give for your loved one but a beautiful dress? Well. NOTHING.

In other news the Vapriikki Vintage was a huge success, we had so much fun with Cherrie performing in the middle of the Lady Ostapeck exhibition and historical clothing. I also made lots of new contacts and saw some lovely people and had a blast.

Next week the crazyness gets even more crazy, it is only a few weeks before the 5th Helsinki Burlesque Festival is here and I'm doing a brand new act called Jungle Queen and us Holy Curves! have something special coming up for you as well. And since our costumes are nowhere near being ready, I'm getting kind of nervous wheter they'll ever be. Well we'll see.

But before the festival there is still other things to do, like travel to up north in Tornio and Levi with our darling Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret's Tin Ker Bell and Kitty Lit Ter. Fun will be had, let me tell you that alright!

And after that a quick relaxing day in Helsinki and on the 7th of Feb me and Cherrie are making another quick trip, but this time to Riga to see this never heard band..... rammstein.


perjantai 27. tammikuuta 2012

Busy Weekend!

So here it starts, my extremely busy weekend vol.1.

Today all you darlings should drag your gorgeus little derrieres to Vapriikki, since all of this is happening there:

As I have mentioned before, I will be there the whole weekend selling my products but ALSO performing on both days. Do come by and say hi, since I'm hanging out behind my table alone (sobsobsobsob)!

AND don't forget that today at 5 p.m during our burlesque show, I'm performing my brand new act "Winter", so you should definately be one of the first ones to see it as well! Tomorrow we are doing our Holy Curves! duo and of course, that is also something you don't want to miss ;)

See you today or tomorrow! :)

keskiviikko 11. tammikuuta 2012

Pretty new things!

In the beginning of December we took some new photos of my dresses and skirts for my web boutique. Model was once again my dear Cherrie and photographer Jarno Lindholm.

I really like the results!

So what should you do now? Do some serious shopping of course! Oh and remember, my winter sale is also going on strong on the website! Plenty of products with massive discounts!

Currently I'm working on some brand new dresses and prints for the upcoming spring/summer. So you just wait for it! I'm soooo excited myself!

tiistai 10. tammikuuta 2012

At the end of Januray there is this fantastic event in Tampere, Vapriikki Vintage. As you might have thought, I am there selling some of my dresses and accessories BUT also performing on both days, on saturday me and Cherrie are doing solo numbers (I'm doing a brand new one if I'm allowed!) and on Sunday it's time for a duo act.

So I highly recommend all of you who are able to come and enjoy a weekend full of vintage!

keskiviikko 4. tammikuuta 2012

Last year

Since everyone else is doing it. I'm doing it as well. What did I do in the year 2011?

Met and hanged out with some awesome new and old friends (and strangers)

Me and Niina. We have become mighty good friends!

Me and the boys from Mad Sin. One of the most surreal and funniest nights of my life.

With Cricket at Turkkusex.

Dixie Ramone, me and Blance Lenoir in Rome.

Me and one of my dearest friends Hanna at Finnish Burlesque Gala.

Did some modelling

At Fintage fashion show. Photo by Mössö Kauppi.

Modeled for Atelieri O. Haapala.

Performed quite a lot and started a new duo with Cherrie

Performing my Edward in Vegas. Photo by RJ Johnson

Performing in Turkkusex. Photo by Tiina Salminen.

Performing at Micca Club in Rome. Photo by Guido Laudani.

Had some backstage fun

The wandering leg at Horror & Tease Show

Me, Cherry Dee and Cherrie A. Dorable at Finnish Burlesque Gala

Me and Cherrie in New York.

Me and Cherrie at Tampere Fetish Factory.

Produced my first ever show: The Horror & Tease Show

Me and Natsumi Scarlett.

Traveled quite a lot


Las Vegas sun with my darling.

Las Vegas sunrise.

New York with my boo.


Went to a few weddings and one bachelorette party

Ulrika's & Eddi's wedding in Vegas.

Tuija's & Joona's wedding. Photo by Marko Niemelä.

Tuija's bachelorette party. Photo by Jarno Lindholm.

Got some ink

Tattoo and photo by Veera Moberg.

Hanged out with my leopard sister

At Mad Sin gig.

At Kulttuurikulma, Pori.

And in the end of the year, maybe because of this little accident of getting the wedding bouquet, I got engaded to my loved one.

This year has been filled with ups and downs but by the looks of the photos I went through. It has been a fantastic year, mostly thanks to all the lovely people I got to spend it with.

Let's see what this year brings. I hope for lots of happiness, plenty of performances and trying to be healthier.

Life is good.

maanantai 2. tammikuuta 2012

Best New Year ever

My New Year's Eve went absolutely perfect. Lot's of darling friends, good food and drinks, fantastic fireworks at the nearby lake...

Oh and this one thing that totally topped it all:

I am finally one step closer to becoming a Mrs.! He proposed to me after spending 8½ years together, one hour after the year had changed. I couldn't be more happier!!

Soooo... guess what I'm going to babble a lot about in this blog in the future?