sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2011

Buy me and Ofelia Market

Yes. I have been very quiet lately. Sorry about that. I have just been feeling not that interesting as a person and that my life isn't that particulally amazing that I should blog about it. I find it interesting and amazing, but do you?

And why am I feeling like this? Well because none of you ever comment on my posts anymore! :D (So if you would like me to post something more often, please leave a comment <3 )

Nevertheless, here is something that has been happening this weekend:

I went to Ofelia Market once again and had fun and saw some lovely people and friends and also a fashion show. My models were the BEST since all of them were my friends and fellow burlesque pefromers so they surely knew how to strut on catwalk!

All the girls before the show!

Gorgeus Kitty Lit Ter in Juliana dress!

Sandy Jungle giving the audience her best in one of my new dresses online!

Pepper Sparkles being super cute in our Bambi printed dress!

Brion Bonaventura telling the audience how a real "tramp" does it!

Tin Ker Bell shaking like there's no tomorrow!
(Photos by Mikael Rantalainen, thank you!)

I have some video footage of the actual fashion show taken with my crappy camera, but we'll see if I'll ever post it online. But anyway the girls were showing off how to be both ladies and tramps with this tune:

In other news I collaborated with Tuuli (who made the banner which is on the top of this blog) and we came up with a official Olivia Rouge t-shirt! She managed to turn me into a bombshell cartoon character and I LOVE IT!

So if any of you would like to carry me around with you or would like for someone else to do so, you can now get your own t-shirts online from my web boutique! There are shirts for both men and women and since there is still a few days left before christmas, you can order one as a gift!

So get your soon here: Olivia Rouge T-shirts!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Your new t-shirt is just gorgeous! Just like you!

  2. Hardly no-one ever comments on my blog posts either so I know how it feels... :D Anyways, I´m reading. Definitely. And interested in tiny trivial everyday stuff, not just the glam & glitz. :) <3

  3. Even though I hardly ever comment (on any blogs I read.. I know, I'm a bad reader), I still check yours every day. I love your stylish dresses and that new t-shirt design is just amazing! :D So pretty please continue writing<3

  4. Yay! Maybe I'll try to post something interesting every now and then :) Thank you guys <3