torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

Another weekend, another show!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Helsinki to perform with my gal Cherrie once again and this time it's something different. The evening is filled with performances by burlesque artists BUT also from "traditional" strippers. So this is a great chance for everyone who is thinking what is the difference, or is there a difference to find it out.

I am so excited about this and planning on doing my "Garage Rouge" act that is a fine mixture of classic bump'n'grind and tongue in cheek humour.

Rest of my weekend will be filled with sewin and decorating for my new acts and for the new Holy Curves! act that has it's premiere at Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012 in February. (psst a good gift idea is to buy tickets to the event before they sell out!!) We had our first rehearsals with Cherrie today of our choreography and it went so well that I even can't believe it! Now I am even more excited about the whole act. We have also started to prepare the costumes we are going to wear and this is what I needed to do for them to look as fabulous as we want;

Yep I'm cooking some feathers. Looks like sea weed to me!

Anyway I'll get back to you after the weekend! Toodles!

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