sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011

Fall/Winter Collection is here!

Today we had the photoshoot of my new fall/winter collection and since my honey Pauli took the photos, I ended up editing them and putting them online already! How productive am I? VERY.

In the photoshoot I had once again some gorgeus ladies as models, some familiar faces like Niina and Cherrie, but also a new (unbelievable gorgeus) face, Jonna! And let's not forget the gorgeus hunk in the photos.. the black mystery.. SAKARI! He was soooo adorable and wanted to kiss us and snuggle, but work was supposed to be done first! But yeah, he is a one big dog, even though it doesn't really show in the photos. Anyway I had a blast and I'm so happy with the results! Some behind the scenes photos can be seen in Nelliinan Vaatehuone!

So anyway, please do let me know what you think! The collection is now available at my Olivia Rouge Shop web boutique!

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