sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011


Yesterday I was pleased to be part of two of my friends wedding. And oh how beautiful it was.
I was also responsible for the bride's dress, so it got me a little nervous. I will post some photos later of it and other dresses I have made during the summer.

Before the consecration. I was so excited and nervous for them! Oh and my tattoo lady's shoes. Pretty eh?

The venue was an old factory in Pispala, here in Tampere. Perfect atmosphere for the couple! See Pauli peeking from the bushes..

This is what I wore to the wedding. Since the bride wore black, I was happy that I was able to wear the love dress, white with red hearts. What could be more suitable for a wedding?

Oh and I was the lucky gal who got the bouquet. Though I was the only girl wearing 6 inch heels and I had to fight for it! So maybe soon you will see photos of me getting married. Or not. Pssst Pauli!

Photo: Marko Niemelä

Anyway fantastic day and I spent parts of it tearing up because all of the love in the air. Especially during the first dance which was danced to this song:

Photo: Marko Niemelä

Congratulations Tuija & Joona!

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