tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011


Oh my God what a weekend.. I had so much fun and lots of drinks and laughed more than in a long time. And our gigs went well also! Hopefully we will be there next year as well... :)

Anyway here are some photos from the weekend (or from the people we met..)

LinkkiCherrie, Maleficent Martini, Pantera Blacksmith and yours truly! I like it how Pantera is sort of eating my boob. Sort of..

Cherrie, Cricket and Me. We fell in love with that girl. Seriously.

She rocked soooo hard!

Our funny waiter. He treated us so well the whole evening! And I have no idea when this photo was taken..

And yes. Of course we needed to get a photo with Chelsea Charmes. She actually wanted to take a photo with us than the other way around! She was such a sweetheart and at some point of that evening I got smacked in my face by one of those boobs.. why? I have no idea.

Anyway got to meet some amazing and talented people, had the most stupid jokes ever with Cherrie. But oh, so much fun. Next year definately again if we have the chance!

Now it's back to reality.

Ps. In couple of the photos you can see my new tattoo lady on my arm that will be finished within few days!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Lovely pictures! Dauymn that Cricket is one banging woman :)

  2. I spotted your new tattoo soon away, or rather I felt like there was something "weird/new" about you..and it was the tattoo. Could we have close-ups of it? I like your blog!

  3. Close ups of the tattoo will come when it's healed or if Veera (the tattoo artist) takes a photo of it tomorrow when we will finish it :) You just wait! And thank you, it's nice to hear that you like my blog :)