torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Photos and Events

So a few weeks back I spent almost a week in Helsinki and had 3 different photoshoots. Now I have received some results and I'm quite happy with them. First I had a photoshoot with Marko P. I wanted to take some Bettie Page inspired photos and honestly it was quite some work, I'll tell you that. You can just take a look at this photo down here and see it for yourself

From the next photosession I haven't gotten any photos yet, but the third one was with the talented Saara Salmi and Marco Melander from Atelieri Onyxei Haapala and they wanted to take photos of us Holy Curves! with a Moulin Rouge inspired theme. I hope there will be more photos to come but here's a sneak peek!

And to other news. My next few weeks are quite busy with working on my new collection, trying to organize some events (I'll tell you more about those later, you just wait!), work on my new acts, host a vintage look workshop and also do some gigs. Like these for example:

I'm proud to be part of Tampere Fetish Factory again, last time I was there a few years back doing my Edward Scissorhands act and now we are conquering the stage with Cherrie and we are premiering our spanking new act that will leave everyones jaws dropping! There is still some work ahead though, but it will be awesome, I'll tell you that!

The week after TAFF it's time for another great event; Turkkusex. I've never been there before myself but Cherrie has been going there for quite a few years now and she tells me it's quite a party. I'm sooo looking forward to it!

So if you are planning on coming to one of these events, make sure you come and see us on stage and you can also come and say hi! :)

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