sunnuntai 28. elokuuta 2011


I had a wonderful easy going sunday. Pauli's mom was visiting us in Tampere for the weekend and she hasn't really been to Tampere before for such a long time. So we decided to take her on a little sightseeing of our dear home town.

First off we went to the famous Pyynikin Näkötorni where you get the best doughnuts in the whole city! They are freshly made and still warm when you eat them. Mmm!

On the walk back we went a detour and looked at some of the most gorgeus houses in Tampere. Yes I'm planning on living in one of those when I'm all grown up and rich. As if.

Next stop was Arboretum, which is propably one of my favourite (if not favourite) place in Tampere. I used to live quite close to it and quite often I took walks in the garden. It is absolutely gorgeus with it's beautiful flowers and plants!Linkki

And here is something you haven't seen in a looooong long time! An outfit for today! It's nothing that special, a random dress I have wore once before. But the snood on my head (yes the red one), those are going to be on sale on my web boutique very soon! Just thought of letting you know if you might be interested

Tomorrow it's time for another hectic week taht includes plenty of work at my atelier, a tattoo appointment (!!!!), a first dance class, workshop and a gig at TAFF and my darling Cherrie's birthday. That's quite a lot actually, we'll see how I'm going to make it!

torstai 25. elokuuta 2011

Photos and Events

So a few weeks back I spent almost a week in Helsinki and had 3 different photoshoots. Now I have received some results and I'm quite happy with them. First I had a photoshoot with Marko P. I wanted to take some Bettie Page inspired photos and honestly it was quite some work, I'll tell you that. You can just take a look at this photo down here and see it for yourself

From the next photosession I haven't gotten any photos yet, but the third one was with the talented Saara Salmi and Marco Melander from Atelieri Onyxei Haapala and they wanted to take photos of us Holy Curves! with a Moulin Rouge inspired theme. I hope there will be more photos to come but here's a sneak peek!

And to other news. My next few weeks are quite busy with working on my new collection, trying to organize some events (I'll tell you more about those later, you just wait!), work on my new acts, host a vintage look workshop and also do some gigs. Like these for example:

I'm proud to be part of Tampere Fetish Factory again, last time I was there a few years back doing my Edward Scissorhands act and now we are conquering the stage with Cherrie and we are premiering our spanking new act that will leave everyones jaws dropping! There is still some work ahead though, but it will be awesome, I'll tell you that!

The week after TAFF it's time for another great event; Turkkusex. I've never been there before myself but Cherrie has been going there for quite a few years now and she tells me it's quite a party. I'm sooo looking forward to it!

So if you are planning on coming to one of these events, make sure you come and see us on stage and you can also come and say hi! :)

tiistai 23. elokuuta 2011

New products!

Plenty of new hair accessories sale on my web boutique! Go on and check it out!

Also I would like to remind you, that the Photo Competition is open until 30th of August. Send us a photo of you wearing Olivia Rouge to and you might be the lucky winner of 50€ gift card to our web boutique! You can see some of the competition in our Facebook page.

Good luck!

lauantai 20. elokuuta 2011

Inspiration right now

So I just finished watching the movie Water for Elephants on Blu-ray and I read the book a week ago when I was visiting my darling's granparents and was a little well, bored. I'm not much of a reader type, but I read that book in two days and that's fast for me. It was absolutely brilliant. I had been waiting to see the movie for quite some time now, since it's about 1930's circus. Inspirational? Hell yeah. But I didn't realize that it was written based on a book, and like I said, the book was sensationally good and I was a bit afraid would the movie do any honor to the book and I wasn't actually disappointed, the movie was good too. It was very inspirational with the whole 1930's look and the clothes and so on were a treat to the eye.

So if you would like to have a good hint on what to read next, go and find that book. I hope you'll love it. I know I did.

I feel like going to circus now.