sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

I heart New York.

THE best breakfast place that we found very randomly. It's called Leña and the staff and food were amazing and the prices were very reasonable! I highly recommend if you want a good breakfast to start the day with.

I bought myself a whole lot of bling.. and it was cheap.

1$ hot dogs, yum!

Our hoods in Chinatown. Loved it!

Empire State Building. A tourist must.

I fell in love with New York although I thought it wouldn't be that fantastic experience for me. Actually I'm missing the city at this very moment and would just looooove to hang out in there. As you might guess, this isn't the last visit to New York on my part.

We stayed in a very reasonably priced hotel in Chinatown called Hotel 91. It was better than I was thinking and it had no roaches running around! Chinatown was very nice experience, I was very glad that our hotel wasn't in the center of Manhattan. This way we got some taste of the real New York life, not just the tourist part of it.

I had two shows in New York and I'm so glad to have those experiences and memories with me.

Soho was the best place to shop and we were stupid enough to go there after almost all of our money was gone.. but I still managed to buy 6 pairs of shoes and three perfumes and and and.. stuff. We accidentally stumbled on Anna Sui's own shop in Soho and I just had to buy some fragrances from there that you can't get from Europe.

All and all, it was a week full of food, food, walking, great experiences and memories. I have to go back. New York now has a spot in my heart.

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  1. Voi ihanuus, pääsen niiiin tunnelmaan näistä sun NYC-fotoista!