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How to make one look pretty?

Since Nata put me into the test to see what beauty products are a must on my make-up table, I needed to take some photos of the stuff I use on daily basis. I decided to skip the stuff I use in the shower since there isn't anything interesting going on. So here we go, these things make me look less like the zombie that I am waking up.

Since I use hot rollers quite often (well not on daily basis but still whenever I need to look a little more proper and don't want to put my hair up) I need to have some good products that keep my hair in a mint condition. One thing I've learned is that it is actually cheaper to buy a hairspray that isn't the most inexpensive, since usually you don't have to use the whole bottle at one time unlike the cheap hairsprays.. So my trustworthy friend for over two years now is Tigi's Hard Head. And for the base product before I burn my hair with rollers is TREsemme's heat protect. This one is cheap but gooooood! The rule only applies to hairspray..

So I try to use body lotion on my body whenever I remember but during summer it is easily forgotten. In the wintertime my skin is so dry that I would like to rub lotion in it all the time. I usually go with Dove's lotions since they are quite cheap, smell good and have a nice consistency.
The other bottle on the right is my body make up that I wear when I go and have a gig. I have a skin that gets bruised REALLY easily (whenever Elviira is "baking" on my legs in other words getting ready to sleep, I get these teeny tiny bruises shaped like cat's paw on my No.) so I really need this product to look not so beaten up. I have bought few bottles of these from USA and I've been really happy with them.

Even though I forget to moisturize my body, I never forget to do so on my face or hands. My face is really dry most of the time and it took me a long time to find a product that smoothens the skin out really quickly, smells nice, has a nice consistency and isn't too expensive; voila here we have garnier's day cream that sligtly smells like roses. I have many hand creams, usually I try to carry one in my purse all the time since my hands get quite dry, but I'm a bit obsessed with moisturizing them so they never actually get that dry. I just hate the way even a bit dry hands feel when working on certain materials at work (fake suede and satin... brrrh!)

So moving on to the actual make up thingies. I am in love with Grimas' eyeshadows. I use one that is the same colour as this one in my Edward Scissorhands act all over my face since you can just mix that eyeshadow with water and you get excellent paint for your whole face. That one on the photo is just for my every day use since I always put that in my eyes before any other colour, that way the other colour really pops out well.

My true love: the eyeliner. We do have a love hate relationship, but when I found this Rimmel's product it was pure love. I'm one of those people who need to have the little brush attached to the eyeliner rather than it being more pen like. That way I can paint really refine lines in my eyes. Once again, very inexpensive.

Do I need to say anything? This seems to be quite a favorite of many people. It's simple, it's been around forever and I love it.

This helps with everything, wheter I have cat scratches on my arms, my nipples are sore from the tassel tape or my lips are chapped, Bepanthen is the key. I use this almost every day, especially during the colder seasons.

This thing gets me far whenever I don't want to use an actual lipstick. Yes it's a basic lip liner, but I just love that colour and it looks good when I first put on some Bepanthen and then add this! As you can see, I'm a fan of rimmel...

These specific bottles of nail polish are my new finds that I bought from the sale but the main thing is that I need some white polish as well as some red (during winter time I usually also go for a bit darker tones like purples and stuff) and make myself a nice "moon" manicure (as you can see from most of these photos in this entry). When I don't have the time I just paint my whole nail red. Red is the word.

My absolutely favourite scents. I'm so happy that we found Anna Sui's shop from New York and that Pauli bought me that black bottle. It is the perfect scent for a night out and if you want to feel a bit mysterious. And yeah, you can't get that one from Europe.. I know what I'll be buying next time I go to NYC. And yes the other one is Victor & Rolf's Flowerbomb.

So that's it folks! These are some of the products that are a must in my top 10! And now anyone who want's can do this, I'm not up for throwing any names in the air!

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  1. If it should so happen that your fragrance runs out and you don't have time (or money ;) to go to NY, try this site: They have a nice selection of products and their prices are quite cheap (especially compared with the prices here in Finland!), even the shipping doesn't cost too much (at the moment it actually seems to be free). :)

  2. Amen to Bepanthen. I love the stuff. In UK it's only sold under "nappy rash" cream but as my British hubby has learnt to know, for me Bepanthen is just miracle cream!