torstai 16. kesäkuuta 2011

Let me be your fruit!

I'm performing here in two weeks and can't wait! I heard that the first Kokonut Kult event "Taboo" was a success, so here's hoping that this one will be too! The event is held in a pretty new restaurant in Helsinki, Kokomo, which is a Tiki inspired restaurant/bar. At the moment Tiki is very inspiring thing to me and I'm hoping to get some more inspiration from the bar to make our balcony a bit more Tiki inspired (at the moment it's inspired by.. nothing).

Anyway here are the lovely performers who are shaking with me in Fruit bowl as well as other info!

Exotic beauty and tropical treats are brought to you by Olivia Rouge, Gigi Praline, Honey Pomelo, Kitty Lit Ter, GoldDust, Rudie Ruthless & Titania Hill as well as Kokonut Kult priestess's Kiki Hawaiji & Bettie Blackheart.

Hot shaking tunes served by Ismo Laakso Psychoboogie Explosion feat. Petri Bäckström & DJ Mr. Atom of Finland.

+ Also amazing fruitcarving competition, judged by the"ice ice baby" Bent van der Bleu.

Tickets in advance 9 euros from Tiketti >
Tickets from the door 10 euros.

If you want to have dinner in Kokomo before the club, please reserve table beforehand - the restaurant is super busy!
Ticket to the burlesque club has to be bought in advance or from the door, no exceptions.
Doors to the club open 8 pm.

I will post some photos of our trip to USA at some point.. now I don't have the time or the inspiration since there are just way too many pictures taken!

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