keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

Shakety shake shake!

This weekend I won't be eating that many easter eggs or celebrating the easter in a traditional way, since I am shaking my derriere the whole weekend.

On Friday I'm performing and hosting a workshop in Kuopio
The party is held ar Wanha Satama, my workshop is at 8 p.m and the performances begin at 9 p.m! See more info at: Facebook

And onf Saturday I will be pefrorming along Cherrie as the Holy Curves! (psst first time on stage as a duo!) at the American Car Show 2011 official afterparty at DOM. I will also be presenting my brand new act!

So I'll see you on either or both gigs!

(In other news, our home is slowly getting more and more ready and it should be completed on May 7th since we are hosting our house warm up party then.. Let's just hope that this place IS ready and not just might..)

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