maanantai 11. huhtikuuta 2011

Home part 2.

I welcome you to my new kitchen. Here are some before and after photos (the before ones I got from the real estate agent, thank you!) so you get a very good look what a difference it is with just small changes. Hope you enjoy!

The photo that comes first is always the "before" one!

One small detail that I insisted on putting the effor to was the handles on the cabinets, I figured that the silver shaded ones didn't really do any justice to the colours that were in the kitchen already and of course I do like the vintage feel to them a bit more as well. So it's not such a huge splurge but makes a difference in my opinion!

One thing that also made a huge difference was the change of wallpaper. I absolutely hated the one there was before since even though it was in almost gold shade (I know it looks greenish in the photos) I didn't think it suited in the kitchen, since I wanted my kitchen to be bright and cute. The gold can be seen later in some other rooms so you have been warned!

In case someone is wondering what wallpaper that is, it's from Falsterbo and I bought mine through Värisilmä. And the whole kitchen project was kind of weird all over since I don't like any of the colours in the wallpaper if they were just plain colours, but I do love how they all match together with the birds. And I thought i would never decorate my home with anything pink but here we go.. and I'm quite surprised that even my Mr. wasn't really against it! So I got my lovely little kitchen to cook in and that is why I made us some delicious food on saturday:
Dinner. (I went to buy some easter candy as you might see..)

I even made some focaccia from scratch!

Anyway I would love to hear some feedback on the kitchen project :)

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  1. Ihania kuvia! Toi tapetti on niin suloinen :)

  2. Ihana tapetti! Me likes. Linnut on aina jees :D Ja kyllä se teki ihmeitä, ihme puu vasten puuta seinä siellä ennen, tuplapaneeli... Itse ehkä maalaisen sen alemman paneelin joksin väriseks? Aika kiva kun nuo kaapit ovat kermanväriset!

  3. no siis mun oli tarkotus maalata toi puuosio sellaseks tosi tumman ruskeeks jollain lakalla (kävin jo ostamassaki sen), mutta sit laitoin ton tapetin nii näytti vähä taikkaammalta, mut sanoin kyl paulille et katotaa innostunko viel joku päivä :D