keskiviikko 9. maaliskuuta 2011


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Hi there.

I have been wanting to post you photos of our home's makeover but HA our camera is somewhere in the middle of all these boxes and stuff.. so yeah we have moved in finally, last week to be accurate and of course we got ourselves a nice stomach flu so the house has been a wreck for the whole week. Now our bedroom is starting to look a bit more descent and we can actually sleep in a bed instead of matresses. But soon, darlings, soon I will post some pictures when I get a hold of that camera and some extra time.

So what I was about to come and tell you was that I've been a member of Fintage - the finnish vintage society for only a month (?) now. I know it's ridicilous how I haven't been to the forum or anything before that. Anyway now Fintage has launched their own blog that has different columns on different vintage related subjects. So I was asked to write a burlesque column every once in a while about the events in Finland and all other interesting burlesque related news. So here it is for all of you (finns) to read: Burleskin Pyörteissä - blogi. Everything you need to know about burlesque in Finland is now under the same roof!

Yes it is in Finnish, so sorry some of you who might be not understand! But the rest of you, if you have any ideas concerning what would be nice to read from the blog and if you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me oliviarouge(a)

I'll get back to you soonish!
(at least I hope so)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Moi, kävin kokoamaan Suomalaisten Pin up, Rockabella, tattooed naisten kuvia yhteen kuva blogiin ja olisi mukavaa jos saisin siusta sinne laittaa pari kuvaa :)
    Oisi mukava näyttää että miten upeita naisia löytyy Suomen maasta!

  2. Moikka!
    Toki saat laittaa kuvia blogiisi, varmaankin mun nettisivuilta saat parhaiten otettua: :)