keskiviikko 9. helmikuuta 2011


Once again I've been too busy to write anything but as I have mentioned many times before, there is just so many things going on at the moment. You just wait for some news! That photo is a slight hint but that's all I'm telling you know. You have to wait for THE day that news are announced officially! Anyway that photo is from the Chicago afterparty which was quite fun and that trumpet player incisted on taking a photo with us. And it came out quite nice I think :)

So yes I will be moving to our own home with Pauli on the 1st of march and before that I have to visit Milan and pack up our apartment in boxes and do some work on the side, so maybe you will understand why I'm being so busy. Next friday we will be heading to the new place to do some measuring so I can go and buy some gorgeus wallpapers and figure out how to organize our furniture. The most important thing has already been bought; the wallpaper for my walk in closet! It's a small one but boy do I love it! It's going to be vintage pink with some gold pattern..

I try to take some before and after photos of the apartment for you so you cand judge my decorating skills!

Oh and HBF was fabulous, if someone was curious about that! :)

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