tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Bergamo / Milan calling!

So today I'm off to Italy again! First off we will travel to Bergamo, since the flight is straight from Tampere to Bergamo and we will stay there until Friday (I have heard that it's a beautiful old city). Then we're off to Milan for the Milan Burlesque Award on friday and that's the day also when we are both performing! I can't wait since Italian audience (at least in Rome) is great and there are all these amazing performers that I haven't seen in a long time or have never met but I am more than happy to!

We've had some major pro blems with our baggage, since we need to pay the travels our selves, we got pretty cheap (again) and only took one bag (mx 15kg) to split and then the cabin baggage. Well how do you fit 2 perfomance outfits (we should have 2 each but don't have the space and we are not sure if we are going to win and do another show) and all the things you need for five days of travel into one bag of 15kg for two people?! Yeah I don't know either. And if the baggage problem isn't enough, we are both a little sick at the moment and I'm crossing my fingers that it would stay as "little" and not get into a major fever/flu. Traveling when you're sick is the nicest thing ever! NOT.

Oh and if you are wondering who I am referring to with "we"? Well me and Cherrie of course! It's a good thing she's coming along because well we get along so well and I know it will be a blast even though if we both would hang out in our hotel stuck in bed. So I'll catch you later! Now I'm off to figure out this baggage thing again... gah!

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  1. Oh I love Milan! Duomo is really worth seeing inside, it was so beautiful! :)

  2. Blogistani löytyy sulle jotakin pientä! :)


    ps. Odottelen innolla Holy Curvesin esiintymisiä! Onnee teille, tytöt. :)