torstai 27. tammikuuta 2011


So last monday I finally headed my way to Rome for the first time ever (to Italy also for the first time ever) to perform. As I was staying there for one night only, you can imagine that my sightseeing experience wasn't what it should be when you go to ROME. Goddamnit. Well I did get some shots from the famous things! Anyway here is what went on:

Left Finland and it looked like this on the airport:

and this is where I ended up (a photo from my Hotel room's balcony and notice the LEMON TREE at the left. Not in Finland..);

But I managed to do some sightseeing and all the photos are taken from the taxi.. Hooray.

This thing was right next to my hotel:

And then I got to the venue! I got this superyammee drink from a great bartender. I asked for something fruity! How cute is that!

My new blinged out performance shoes:

Then it was showtime and everything went soooo unbelievably well and the crowd was awesome! The whole club was packed and it was a monday night.. not in Finland part 2.

Can't stop smiling after the show! I LOVE ITALY!

I also made some new friends:

Dixie Ramone, me and Blanche Lenoir. After that we had a backstage afterparty! Fun times!

After all the partying I had a history lesson with Alessandro (the dude on the leopard printed jacket) at 4 a.m. It was fun to learn about the buildings in the are and Roman history. After that it was time to hit the bed, since I had to leave the next day at 11 a.m.

So good morning Rome! After that I left and was home at 8 p.m on Tuesday. So that was my trip to Rome in 36 hours. Hopefully the next time will be a bit longer..

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  1. Oi, oon niin kateellinen :) Tosi ihania kuvia <3

  2. Fabulous! Rooma on kyllä mahtava paikka käydä :)

    autumn, coffee and inspiration

  3. Kivan näkönen pikareissu..lähtisin kyl itekki vaikka edes pikana. nimim. Never visited in Rome!

  4. Rooma on varmasti näkemisenarvoinen, ja pikareissutkin ovat jees :) Ihania kuvia,ja nuo kengät,ooh!

  5. Joo Rooma oli kyl pop! Mutta seuraavan kerran tosiaan ihan pakko lähteä vähän pitemmäks aikaa, jos ei muuta nii SYÖMÄÄN :D

  6. Varmaan tosi mahtavaa! Mä en oo ikin menny mihkään Ruotsia ja Norjaa kauemmas =/

  7. looks like such a blast! love italy too: weather, culture, wine and food!