torstai 27. tammikuuta 2011


So last monday I finally headed my way to Rome for the first time ever (to Italy also for the first time ever) to perform. As I was staying there for one night only, you can imagine that my sightseeing experience wasn't what it should be when you go to ROME. Goddamnit. Well I did get some shots from the famous things! Anyway here is what went on:

Left Finland and it looked like this on the airport:

and this is where I ended up (a photo from my Hotel room's balcony and notice the LEMON TREE at the left. Not in Finland..);

But I managed to do some sightseeing and all the photos are taken from the taxi.. Hooray.

This thing was right next to my hotel:

And then I got to the venue! I got this superyammee drink from a great bartender. I asked for something fruity! How cute is that!

My new blinged out performance shoes:

Then it was showtime and everything went soooo unbelievably well and the crowd was awesome! The whole club was packed and it was a monday night.. not in Finland part 2.

Can't stop smiling after the show! I LOVE ITALY!

I also made some new friends:

Dixie Ramone, me and Blanche Lenoir. After that we had a backstage afterparty! Fun times!

After all the partying I had a history lesson with Alessandro (the dude on the leopard printed jacket) at 4 a.m. It was fun to learn about the buildings in the are and Roman history. After that it was time to hit the bed, since I had to leave the next day at 11 a.m.

So good morning Rome! After that I left and was home at 8 p.m on Tuesday. So that was my trip to Rome in 36 hours. Hopefully the next time will be a bit longer..

torstai 20. tammikuuta 2011

Lack of it.

Inspiration that is. I have a lack of it at the moment.

I've been reading to multiple fabulous blogs and feel like I have nothing interesting to tell, can't take good photos, nor have a good place to take them.. so what I am looking forward to more than anything at the moment is that me and my mister will find our OWN place in the near future. After that I can decorate the place just the way I like it and then I would have a place to take photos of that wouldn't make the photos look even crappier than they are.

I would also like to know if there is something that you would like to see more in my blog? I'm a bit confused at the moment on what I should write or post, what other people might find interesting (though I'm not writing this just to other people but to myself as well, and mostly to myself).

So many changes going on in my life at the moment that it feels like I am looking forward to things in the future all the time rather than focus on the present. But I think I've always been like that.. it just seems that the things in the future are more interesting things than the ones I have going on in the present.

Well you have to admit, our own house (read: appartment) is really something to look forward!

And I wish it would be summer already.

(yep it's me with black hair back in 2007)

keskiviikko 12. tammikuuta 2011


Plenty of new products on Olivia Rouge Shop! Go and do some serious shopping,
and don't forget the SALE!

Currently I am working on the Spring/Summer collection and hopefully it will be online for sale around March. I will inform you more about it when you can see the clothes and buy them!

In other news life is changing a bit for me (in the better or worse direction, I'm not exactly sure), I won't tell you more of it, but maybe you will see it later (and no I'm not pregnant).
But there are much of nice projects coming up as well and interesting gigs and hopefully more gigs abroad :)

keskiviikko 5. tammikuuta 2011

New Year, new things!

So my new year was absolutely faboulous, I'm not going to do an entry about it, but if you are interested on how the shows and everything went, you can go and see some photos here at Rudinism. But I had fun!

But in other news! What am I looking forward the most in this month? Well on Monday the 24th I'm going to perform in Rome and at a venue called Micca Club. I've never been to Rome and this time I'm only staying for about 24 hours so not that much tourist sightseeing for me then. I'm so excited anyway and hopefully everything will go well and hopefully they will like me :)

Then on the 29th of this month we have a fantastic opportunity with The Tease Queens, performing at a Burlesque themed afterparty of the one and only Chicago-musical in a Theatre here in Tampere. We also have another gig at the same kind of party in 30th of April, and that is the date when people in Finland celebrate Vappu so we don't have to make any Vappu plans then either! If you are interested to come and see the show and then come and see us afterwards, see more at the TTT website!

That's all for now!