tiistai 27. joulukuuta 2011

It's baaaack!

Vintage look workshop vol.4 that is! So since this thing is happening here in Finland and only for finnish people (at least I'm planning on hosting it in finnish..) this post is once again, in finnish only, so sorry you lovely foreign people!

Vintage look workshop vol. 4 14.1.2012 klo 12-16 @ Olivia Rouge Shop & Atelier

Pienen tauon jälkeen Vintage look workshop on täällä jälleen!

Haluaisitko oppia laittamaan kutrisi kuin lempinäyttelijälläsi vuosikymmenten takaa? Tai kenties oppia muutaman meikkiniksin vintage-henkiseen meikkiin?

Tässä workshopissa voit viettää iltapäivää herkutellen, kaunistautuen ja kuunnellen teemaan sopivaa musiikkia ja halutessa jatkaa iltaa viimeisen päälle laitettuna johonkin ihanaan kuppilaan! Tämä on samanlainen workshop kuin aiemmin (13.8, 3.9 ja 1.10) järjestetyt!

Tarkoituksena on opetella helpohkoja kampaustekniikoita, joilla saat itsesi loihdittua hiuksesi lempi vuosikymmenesi tyylin mukaisesti! Käymme läpi eri tekniikoita 20-50 luvuilta, opettelemme erilaisten kiharoiden tekoa, asusteiden käyttöä ja myös erilaisia arkikampauksia. Punaisena lankana kuitenkin, että kaikki olisi melko helposti toteutettavissa myös kotona!

Lisäksi workshopissa opettelemme muutamia meikkiniksejä vintagetyyliseen meikkiin. Kaikk workshopissai tarvittavat materiaalit (pinnit, harjat ym.) ilmoitetaan varmistuneille osallistujille sähköpostitse.

Workshopissa tarjoillaan hieman kuohuvaa ja leivonnaisia, osallistujien halutessa myös teetä ja kahvia ja osallistujat saavat yllätyslahjan!

Workshopin hinta on 40€ ja ilmoittautuminen osoitteeseen info@oliviarouge.com 5.1.2012 mennessä! Osallistujia kurssille mahtuu 8. Kurssi pidetään, jos osallistujia on vähintään 5.
Jos halukkaita on sattuu olemaan enemmän, workshoppeja järjestetään tarpeen mukaan useamminkin!

Muistathan myös, että vaikka et tähän workshopiin pääse, on mahdollista järjestää yksityisworkshoppeja myös ystävien kesken esim. omassa kodissasi! Jos kiinnostuit, ota yhteyttä sähköpostitse info@oliviarouge.com

perjantai 23. joulukuuta 2011


So I'm slowly starting to set myself to the Christmas spirit and close the computer and just relax and enjoy. This year we are spending the Christmas for the first time in our home and I am so excited because I got the chance to make our home look cozy and nice. As you might already know, I am not the best person in taking photos, but here is some snaps of our Christmas home

Detail of the curtains which I absolutely love!
(I'm starting to appear as a crazy bird lady instead of a crazy cat lady...)

Oh and here is a new baby I bought a few weeks back, isn't she a darling!

And here are some Christmas greetings from us Holy Curves!. There are two different kinds of course, which one tou might ever prefer more... :) Both photos taken by Jarno Lindholm.

So with that said, I hope you all have a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas. I'll get back to you (hopefully) with a present post! Haa!

torstai 15. joulukuuta 2011

Another weekend, another show!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Helsinki to perform with my gal Cherrie once again and this time it's something different. The evening is filled with performances by burlesque artists BUT also from "traditional" strippers. So this is a great chance for everyone who is thinking what is the difference, or is there a difference to find it out.

I am so excited about this and planning on doing my "Garage Rouge" act that is a fine mixture of classic bump'n'grind and tongue in cheek humour.

Rest of my weekend will be filled with sewin and decorating for my new acts and for the new Holy Curves! act that has it's premiere at Helsinki Burlesque Festival 2012 in February. (psst a good gift idea is to buy tickets to the event before they sell out!!) We had our first rehearsals with Cherrie today of our choreography and it went so well that I even can't believe it! Now I am even more excited about the whole act. We have also started to prepare the costumes we are going to wear and this is what I needed to do for them to look as fabulous as we want;

Yep I'm cooking some feathers. Looks like sea weed to me!

Anyway I'll get back to you after the weekend! Toodles!

sunnuntai 11. joulukuuta 2011

Buy me and Ofelia Market

Yes. I have been very quiet lately. Sorry about that. I have just been feeling not that interesting as a person and that my life isn't that particulally amazing that I should blog about it. I find it interesting and amazing, but do you?

And why am I feeling like this? Well because none of you ever comment on my posts anymore! :D (So if you would like me to post something more often, please leave a comment <3 )

Nevertheless, here is something that has been happening this weekend:

I went to Ofelia Market once again and had fun and saw some lovely people and friends and also a fashion show. My models were the BEST since all of them were my friends and fellow burlesque pefromers so they surely knew how to strut on catwalk!

All the girls before the show!

Gorgeus Kitty Lit Ter in Juliana dress!

Sandy Jungle giving the audience her best in one of my new dresses online!

Pepper Sparkles being super cute in our Bambi printed dress!

Brion Bonaventura telling the audience how a real "tramp" does it!

Tin Ker Bell shaking like there's no tomorrow!
(Photos by Mikael Rantalainen, thank you!)

I have some video footage of the actual fashion show taken with my crappy camera, but we'll see if I'll ever post it online. But anyway the girls were showing off how to be both ladies and tramps with this tune:

In other news I collaborated with Tuuli (who made the banner which is on the top of this blog) and we came up with a official Olivia Rouge t-shirt! She managed to turn me into a bombshell cartoon character and I LOVE IT!

So if any of you would like to carry me around with you or would like for someone else to do so, you can now get your own t-shirts online from my web boutique! There are shirts for both men and women and since there is still a few days left before christmas, you can order one as a gift!

So get your soon here: Olivia Rouge T-shirts!

sunnuntai 20. marraskuuta 2011

Christmas sale campaign!

In English: We have a christmas campaign in my web boutique for this week (21st to 27th of November) and you will get 20% off of all products with the campaign code nelliina! Promotion code is that, since my lovely friend and collaborationist Niina is advertising the campaign in her lovely Nelliinan Vaatehuone blog! :)

Go on and do your christmas shopping early this year AND get some great bargains!

keskiviikko 9. marraskuuta 2011

My hoods

The last couple of days I have mostly been hanging around in these areas:

Photos; Google

So YES people, I'm in Rome with my mom. And this time more than 24 hours like before.. We have only been here for two days now and oh boy the things we have seen and eaten and enjoyed! And we still have much to do before sunday, when we leave.

I'm so looking forward on performing at the Micca Club again on Friday, since last time was such a blast. Love all the people and the atmosphere!

That's it for now, soon off to see the Colosseum and Forum Romanum. Also saw the Pope today, he had some stuff to say I guess. Ha! Toodles!

tiistai 1. marraskuuta 2011

After the big show

The foot partied the hardest...

So my Horror & Tease event is now over and I couldn't be any more happy about how it all went down. I've only gotteng good feedback from the audience, performers and the bar's owner, so all in all, everything was bloody fantastic. We'll see if there is going to be a next one next year... ;)

Anyway I'll post some more performance photos from the event when I get some from the photographers, but before that, here is a video clip from the show and couple of interviews and also a few photos taken by my gal Cherrie!

Bettie Blackheart (or as we called her Zombie"Tuksu") & Frank Doggenstein

Me and Natsumi Scarlett (she wasn't really that short and her head wasn't so small that it looks the same size as my boob...) I miss her already!!!

Cherrie in her amazing Lady Gaga look and me. Holy Curves! sure know
the way to dress..

Oh and just when I thought my life would be it's boring old self after the party, I remembered that I'm going to Rome next monday with my mom and performing there at Micca Club again! Life is good.

maanantai 17. lokakuuta 2011


A Quick update to all of you who are planning on coming to my Horror & Tease Show! Last friday there was a big crisis with the venue since Sputnik has been bankrupted, so I needed to find a new venue (altough first after the news I just felt like giving up..) but don't you worry since I FOUND ONE! The party will now be held in Iskelmä Baari, which is in Siperia Shopping Centre, Satakunnankatu 18!

The tickets will be sold in advance through my web boutique until next monday (24th of October), if you want them to be mailed to you. You can get advance tickets from Nitrobabe througout next week though!

I hope to see plenty of you at the party :)

torstai 13. lokakuuta 2011

Since tomorrow it is the official Pink Ribbon day here in Finland. I decided to give you all a chance to buy something beautiful for yourself through my web boutique for 15% discount. A part of the money raised, I will donate to the breast cancer foundation.

So you can go and get the discount with a code: PINK. The discount is valuable only tomorrow 14th of October.

Let's raise money for a good cause!


sunnuntai 2. lokakuuta 2011

Fall/Winter Collection is here!

Today we had the photoshoot of my new fall/winter collection and since my honey Pauli took the photos, I ended up editing them and putting them online already! How productive am I? VERY.

In the photoshoot I had once again some gorgeus ladies as models, some familiar faces like Niina and Cherrie, but also a new (unbelievable gorgeus) face, Jonna! And let's not forget the gorgeus hunk in the photos.. the black mystery.. SAKARI! He was soooo adorable and wanted to kiss us and snuggle, but work was supposed to be done first! But yeah, he is a one big dog, even though it doesn't really show in the photos. Anyway I had a blast and I'm so happy with the results! Some behind the scenes photos can be seen in Nelliinan Vaatehuone!

So anyway, please do let me know what you think! The collection is now available at my Olivia Rouge Shop web boutique!

keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2011


Poster by a dear friend of mine: Ulrika

Only a month until an event that I have produced myself for the very first time! I am so exicted and glad that I have such an amazing line up for all of you guys to enjoy. The tickets will be on sale day after tomorrow, in other words Friday the 30th of September in my web boutique and also in Nitrobabe shop (cash only!).

Please spread the word, this is one of a kind event in Tampere, let me tell you that!

Otherwise I have been extremely busy working on this event, with my normal work (clothes), working on some new acts of my own as well as Holy Curves! acts. Busy, busy, busy that's what my life is all about these days.

Ps. We are having a photoshoot for my upcoming collection on Sunday, so new products will be added to my web boutique any day now!

Pps. Guess who I'm going to see tonight on stage? I think I couln't be any more excited! Here's a little hint:


sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011


Yesterday I was pleased to be part of two of my friends wedding. And oh how beautiful it was.
I was also responsible for the bride's dress, so it got me a little nervous. I will post some photos later of it and other dresses I have made during the summer.

Before the consecration. I was so excited and nervous for them! Oh and my tattoo lady's shoes. Pretty eh?

The venue was an old factory in Pispala, here in Tampere. Perfect atmosphere for the couple! See Pauli peeking from the bushes..

This is what I wore to the wedding. Since the bride wore black, I was happy that I was able to wear the love dress, white with red hearts. What could be more suitable for a wedding?

Oh and I was the lucky gal who got the bouquet. Though I was the only girl wearing 6 inch heels and I had to fight for it! So maybe soon you will see photos of me getting married. Or not. Pssst Pauli!

Photo: Marko Niemelä

Anyway fantastic day and I spent parts of it tearing up because all of the love in the air. Especially during the first dance which was danced to this song:

Photo: Marko Niemelä

Congratulations Tuija & Joona!