torstai 16. joulukuuta 2010

A perfect winter day

Waiting for my bus in -20C (I was in a car accident last saturday so my darling renttu won't be driving me around in a while.. maybe never :( and that is why I take a bus to work now ).

This is what I pretty much look like nowadays.

Today the weather was a bit less cold so my parents, my mister and my godson Rico went to the christmas market, bought our christmas ham and so on.

It was so nice to visit the Christmas market which was held in the middle of Tampere. Made me feel all christmasy!

And this is what I found from a local flea market. First I wasn't sure if I was going to buy it (it was 26€), but then I took a glimpse at the inside to make sure it's not broken.. and what did I find..

The whole thing was filled with vintage sewing equipments! Suddenly the price wasn't in my mind at all anymore.

I have plenty of these little pastille boxes in my atelier filled with needles and snaps and so, all of them I have gotten from someones grandma. This one might not be so different at all and I was eager to see what it held inside..

Vintage garter snap thingies! these are my absolute favourite things to find within vintage sewing equipments!

The box also included the owners old nametags with initials in them. How adorable are those? I wonder what the name of the owner must be, something swedish though 'cause all the things that were written by hand were swedish.

And this thing was a final guarantee that the box had found it's right owner! I mean come on, kitties on the labels! KITTIES!

So thank you some random grandma from Sweden (or Finland who also spoke swedish) for giving me this treasure. I will cherish it and love it a whole bunch.

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  1. Oh wow! That treasure I am surely jealous of :) nice little early xmas pressie for yourself!

  2. Hienoja kuvia torilta olet ottanut! Nyt on ollut tosi kaunista viime päivinä kun on ihan valkoits kaikkialla ja aurinkokin paistaa :)