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Events you should participate in!

Next Saturday 11th of December, it's time to make the Christmas a bit more rock'n'roll with some live music, derriere shakin ladies and amazing atmosphere! It's time for Devil's Lounge! Yours truly won't be shaking her things at the event and might not even make it. It all depends on if I still have some extra fuel on me to get back from a show in Joensuu on friday (6h drive then go and party (without drinking) and then drive alone to Helsinki when it's already night time..goddamn..). But you should go, its magnificent! I have two of my lovely ladies performing, LouLou D'vil and Cherry Dee who most of you might also know as the lady behind this blog. And addition to those gals there is some spice from UK, Kitty Bang Bang!

The party is also a record publishing party for Vulture Club, which is a great psychobilly band from Tampere! So are these infos enough for you to go to the party? YES! Tickets can be purchased in advance from Dog's Home.

As I already mentioned, next sunday I will be heading towards Helsinki for the Ofelia Market. It's fourth time for me and hopefully just as joyful as the past times! This time I won't be part of the fashion show (though I wanted) due to the lack of time of picking out models and organizing everything.
Anyway, this is a great market to come and make some christmas finds for the people in your life that deserve to get gifts. Why not buy the gifts from Finnish designers and people who make handicrafts? Go Finland! But anyway I will see you there!

And last but not least an event I am looking forward a lot! It's great to know in advance what to do on New Years Eve, since usually the eve is filled with plans that never work. Well this time it is going to work! I will be performing along with my gals LouLou and Cherrie of course, but with us is a fantastic boylesque performer Sir Willy Waterlily! And if you are looking for something else besides booties and boobies (are you, really?) there is also a magician Jose Ahonen entertaining you that evening as well! Yes the same Jose who is a great photographer as well! The music master of the evening is Mr. Willy D'vil so you better put some shoes on that you can dance with! Plus there is a delicious champagne bar by Martini!

The tickets can be bought in advance from Nitrobabe or from Kahvila Valo.

That's all for now folks! Make sure you add these events to your calendar asap!

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