lauantai 13. marraskuuta 2010

Weekend (again)

You must be extremely bored with my "Weekend"-headlined posts, but since that is the only time something happens to me on a daily bases, that's what I'll write about.. eh.

Well anyway, yesterday me and Pauli got a day off and decided to go and do some christmas present shopping and we did make some great finds. So we spent the evening when we got home, wrapping the presents.

After all the shopping we went to eat at one of our favourite places in Tampere, New York, at least it was our fauvorite (or Pauli's) because the used to have a yammee bacon pasta with cream and a whole lot of parmesan cheese, but the meal was removed from the menu.. darn! Anyway the food is ok and mostly I like the atmosphere in there.

So I ate this ( I know, it's not low carb but this whole week has been a little "off the road" week for me, but next week I shall continue again!)

(splitted with Pauli though..)

And oh I also got my nails done for the first time ever by my dear Cherrie! She is learning at this point so I was her guinea pig and got these for free. They are sassyness to the max in my opinion! Love them!

Rest of the evening I spent knitting, drinking some wine and watching Where the Wild Things Are... loved it as well! Today I'm off to work my arse off, since there is so many orders and I also need to work on my old show that has been under construction for a while. Next weekend it's time for some gigs after a looooong time! Can't wait!

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