tiistai 23. marraskuuta 2010

Jyväskylä-Mänttä-Tampere Vintage

My last weekend was extremely busy and I was driving around Finland doing gigs as well as popped by in the Tampere Vintage. I had loads of fun with my gals!

First up was Jyväskylä with a private corporate party. We expected the worse and it was pretty much that. But for the first time during our gigs and touring around, I've always shared a room with either Cherrie or LouLou but this time I decided to have a room for myself! And oh boy did I enjoy it. A large bed just for me and a very cozy room in all other ways as well. Not forgetting the charming snowy view.

Well the next day, after a lovely breakfast and some extra sleep (I read a book, the gals slept) we headed to another venue, Mänttä Klubi, which is a gorgeus mansion built in the 1920's and I had been waiting for this gig a long time, since the person running the venue, is a friend of my sisters and they had been very excited to get us to perform there in their little christmas party. Everything went absolutely perfect and as you can see, the venue was one of the best you could ever ask for.

They even had Villeroy&Boch china in there and believe me, that ain't the cheapest kind.. Above you can see our cozy little "penthouse" room, since it was at the top of the building. We had the whole floor for ourselves and Cherrie was saying that it reminded her of the Shining a bit too much so she didn't enjoy when I was sleeping and she was hanging out there all by herself (LouLou had already left for Amsterdam at 6 a.m.. poor thing).

And as you can also see, our rided was taken care of extremely well. Ahh bliss!

After we got home on saturday, I did some last minute things for Tampere Vintage and watched some tv (read: slept almost all of the time). At sunday I woke up at 6.30 a.m to start getting ready for the market.

It was quite ok, not so fantastic that I'd been expecting but I'll have to see if I will join the Helsinki Vintage sales people next spring since Id had to get a whole lot of things sold in there.. But all and all, a very tiring but happy weekend and next weekend it's time to chill at home, yay!

Oh yeah they "forced" me to be the mrs. Santa Claus for a christmas tree competition judge and since I didn't have anything else to wear, I wore my vintage nightie.. sassyness! It was fun though!

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