tiistai 30. marraskuuta 2010


Yep. It's officially winter. Lately it has been around -20 c degrees in here and since I work on my atelier by myself most of the time, I have to admit, I don't really care how I look, as long as I'm comfortable and warm (some of you might think that it's odd to use the word comfortable in an outfit that also includes a tight lacing corset..ha!) since it's 15 degrees warm inside my atelier at the moment.. yes I'm freezing.

So since it is winter, I have started to wear my long time lovers, the Lapikkaat. (+ my best winter coat ever; IvanaHelsinki's Best Friends-winter coat, love it and got it for a bargain!)

When I get to my atelier, it's just as frozen.. so I have decided to make my only small window a bit more wintery/christmasy:


Outside. (Me says hi!).

After work I get home to my two new favourite things in our home (addition to the sofa set that I haven't got bored of even the slightest!

Our new hallway lamp, has a sort of vintage feel to it, don't you think? And no it's not that dark in our hallway when the lamp is on!

And then my christmas present for myself. A dressing table. Loooove it! Now I just need to get a house to fit it.. believe me, I've been warming my mister up so that he would agree for us to try an get a loan and get our own home <3>

maanantai 29. marraskuuta 2010

Aglaia Design giveaway!

I am very pleased to announce that there is another giveaway happening now! This time it's not from my shop, but from a fantastic jewerly brand Aglaia Design. I absolutely love these jewerly that are handmade here in Finland by a talented lady. I also own few pieces of their jewerly and L O V E them. Actually that jewerly that I'm wearing in that photo that is the background of my blog are also made by Aglaia Design.

Anyway here is what you can win!

A gorgeus simple but very stylish and vintage inspired necklace that is made out of nickel free jewelry metal and glass beads. There is also a charming sparrow as a cute detail!

So how can you participate? The same way as before but this time add your e-mail to the comments. So pick up a name for yourself (anonymous comments not accepted).

The participation ends after a week (6th of December) and the winner will be announced a few days later here and the winner will also be contacted through e-mail.


Good luck!

tiistai 23. marraskuuta 2010

Jyväskylä-Mänttä-Tampere Vintage

My last weekend was extremely busy and I was driving around Finland doing gigs as well as popped by in the Tampere Vintage. I had loads of fun with my gals!

First up was Jyväskylä with a private corporate party. We expected the worse and it was pretty much that. But for the first time during our gigs and touring around, I've always shared a room with either Cherrie or LouLou but this time I decided to have a room for myself! And oh boy did I enjoy it. A large bed just for me and a very cozy room in all other ways as well. Not forgetting the charming snowy view.

Well the next day, after a lovely breakfast and some extra sleep (I read a book, the gals slept) we headed to another venue, Mänttä Klubi, which is a gorgeus mansion built in the 1920's and I had been waiting for this gig a long time, since the person running the venue, is a friend of my sisters and they had been very excited to get us to perform there in their little christmas party. Everything went absolutely perfect and as you can see, the venue was one of the best you could ever ask for.

They even had Villeroy&Boch china in there and believe me, that ain't the cheapest kind.. Above you can see our cozy little "penthouse" room, since it was at the top of the building. We had the whole floor for ourselves and Cherrie was saying that it reminded her of the Shining a bit too much so she didn't enjoy when I was sleeping and she was hanging out there all by herself (LouLou had already left for Amsterdam at 6 a.m.. poor thing).

And as you can also see, our rided was taken care of extremely well. Ahh bliss!

After we got home on saturday, I did some last minute things for Tampere Vintage and watched some tv (read: slept almost all of the time). At sunday I woke up at 6.30 a.m to start getting ready for the market.

It was quite ok, not so fantastic that I'd been expecting but I'll have to see if I will join the Helsinki Vintage sales people next spring since Id had to get a whole lot of things sold in there.. But all and all, a very tiring but happy weekend and next weekend it's time to chill at home, yay!

Oh yeah they "forced" me to be the mrs. Santa Claus for a christmas tree competition judge and since I didn't have anything else to wear, I wore my vintage nightie.. sassyness! It was fun though!

maanantai 15. marraskuuta 2010

Tampere Vintage!

Less than a week and it's time for the second Tampere Vintage event! And for the first time I will be there selling my products with Venja D. Sign's Mirva! Do not hesitate to join us for a fantastic day filled with vintage finds, music and why not something for the Santa's sleigh.

The event takes place in the warm atmosphere of Pakkahuone, doors open at noon and are open til 6 p.m! Tickets can be bought from Tiketti (9€) and from the door (10€).

Come by and say hi!

lauantai 13. marraskuuta 2010

Weekend (again)

You must be extremely bored with my "Weekend"-headlined posts, but since that is the only time something happens to me on a daily bases, that's what I'll write about.. eh.

Well anyway, yesterday me and Pauli got a day off and decided to go and do some christmas present shopping and we did make some great finds. So we spent the evening when we got home, wrapping the presents.

After all the shopping we went to eat at one of our favourite places in Tampere, New York, at least it was our fauvorite (or Pauli's) because the used to have a yammee bacon pasta with cream and a whole lot of parmesan cheese, but the meal was removed from the menu.. darn! Anyway the food is ok and mostly I like the atmosphere in there.

So I ate this ( I know, it's not low carb but this whole week has been a little "off the road" week for me, but next week I shall continue again!)

(splitted with Pauli though..)

And oh I also got my nails done for the first time ever by my dear Cherrie! She is learning at this point so I was her guinea pig and got these for free. They are sassyness to the max in my opinion! Love them!

Rest of the evening I spent knitting, drinking some wine and watching Where the Wild Things Are... loved it as well! Today I'm off to work my arse off, since there is so many orders and I also need to work on my old show that has been under construction for a while. Next weekend it's time for some gigs after a looooong time! Can't wait!

maanantai 8. marraskuuta 2010

Want it. Now.

Dear Father Christmas (read: the black bearded Pauli on the sofa)
I have been a very good girl this year (at least most of the time)
could I please get these to decorate my walls?

Thank you!

All photos are by a fantastic artist and photographer Juha Helminen, with whom I went to the same school with while studying dressmaking and I have always been a fan of his work but these are some of my absolute favourite.

I need to have that horse on my wall.

tiistai 2. marraskuuta 2010

Let's cook!

Today I turned into a low-carb chef and I am really happy with the results! So what did I do that completely stole my heart? Hamburger with beet meat stake and some guacamole.. yam-mee.

First I made the "bread". Which is a low carb version of a bread (haha there is a wheat flour package behind, don't be fooled! :D). I put all the food directions for you separately, since you don't have to use these together all the time!

So what you need for the bread is:
(you get four buns out of this)

2 eggs
2 table spoons of quark or thick yooghurt (for example greek yoghurt)
2 tea spoons of baking powder
1.5 dl of almond powder
(2 table spoons of wheat brans, I didn't put any)
150 g of grated cheese

Whisk the eggs and add the grated cheese. Mix the "dry" ingredients in a separate bowl and then mix it with the curd egg -mixture. Now put the oven on for 225 celcius (437 fahrenheit). Make four round thingies on the baking tray and when the oven is ready, put them in. There is no actual timing that how long they should be in the oven, but you'll see when they get a lovely brown colour.

I know.. eww says the bread! But it's delicious believe me!

Beet meat steaks:

You need 400g of ground meat
2 small beets ( you can choose fresh ones or ones that are in vinegar,
I was lazy and went with the vinegar thingies)
1 egg
2 table spoons of wheat flour / breadcrumb
black pepper
white pepper

Slice the beets (if you bought fresh ones, boil them first well but so that they are still just a little bit firm), put the beets and meat together in a bowl, add all the other ingredients and start mixing it up! I used a wooden splint, since I didn't want my hands to be all red from the beets.

Make smallish steaks out of the meat mixture with your hands and fry them on a frying pan with some butter (or oil if you insist..) for about 5 minutes on both sides.

Ewww part 2.

It was my first time making guacamole so I won't share it with you. I'm hoping to get brilliant in it and then I can share it with you. Ha! (It was good though..)

Loooove the colours!

And here is the ready made "hamburger". Delicioso!

Oh and if anyone is interested on how my low carb life is going? I've lost a few kilos and I haven't stressed about this whole eating thing that much. And I haven't been to the scale in more than a week so don't know if something has happened!

maanantai 1. marraskuuta 2010


My halloween weekend wasn't that halloweenish as usually since I didn't attent an actual halloween party (actual means that you have to be a zombie or something..). The party that I went to had a funny hat- theme and I thought that my hair was funny enough. Ehh. But anyway here is my weekend as photos, it's pretty random but hey so was my weekend.

Went to the Elvis Suomessa- event to sell my products. Luckily my mom was with me, so I had someone to talk to for the 3 hours..

After the event I went to pick up my mr. from work and we rushed into friends party that was a halloween/housewarming party. And I met up a very charming gentleman called Arttu.

I kinda wanted to take him home with me.. he is 15 weeks old. Agh!

And Arttu's momma hanging out with Pauli and Kaapo the cat.

People werent't drunk.. or wait a second? That's Juha with his gorgeus new facial hair. That's all for the photos that can be shown from the party.. at least if I want to keep some kind of dignity.

Sunday was mostly just hanging around at home and being lazy. I didn't have a massive hangover though that made me extremely happy but I decided to spent the day doing absolutely nothing anyway. Above you can see my new favourite food: low carb bread. It has no wheat in it and it is sooooo goood!

Sunday night was our Halloween-evening and I wanted to watch a zombie movie, that was my wish and Pauli wanted to watch that legendary Freddy Krueger film. Well despite the promising cover of the zombie movie, I have to say that it was the crappiest most poorly done thing I have seen in a while. We propably watched less than 30 minutes of it. And I do enjoy a ridicilous zombie movies that you can laugh at, but that one was so bad that it didn't even make me laugh. What a waste of time and money. Next time shall be better and hopefully I will get to see this soonish.

Nazi zombies, can you think of anything better? I can't!

And the winner is...

The winner of my "early christmas present"-giveaway is...

Please, send me an e-mail to info (a) oliviarouge.com !

Thank you ALL for entering the competition, I was overwhelmed by all the comments! I bet there will be some giveaways to come in the future, but maybe closer to spring :)

Have a lovely monday!