maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010

What to do on Halloween?

There is this magnificent happening coming up on Halloween, saturday 30th of October ! It's organized by Tampere's own Elvis! It's an annual event where all the Elvis fans of Finland come together to listen, well Elvis, played by Finnish bands and this year there is also some burlesque and some great shopping possibilites! That's right, I will be there selling my brand new collection (at least pieces of it, it's a little tight schedule to be able to make many of the clothes but anyway) as well as some "older" things.

There is an afternoon event as well as an evening event, the afternoon event is from 13-16 and I will be selling Olivia Rouge products there for sure. I haven't decided on the evening event yet, but still you should go there as well!

For more info (in finnish) go to: Facebook

3 kommenttia:

  1. Tuonne kun pääsis! Mulla on kovat yritykset puhua miestä ympäri, toivottavasti mun kitinä tuottaa tulosta :D

  2. Teretulemas vaan! En oo aiemmin ollu mut on varmaan ihan mahtikemut :) Ainaki illan ohjelmassa on tiedossa aika mygevää settiä, sweet jeena on ainaski aika ihana! No tulepa sanoon moi jos pääset paikalle :)

  3. Juu tuun :) Nyt vaikuttaa meinaan kovasti siltä että pääsisin tulemaan :D