tiistai 26. lokakuuta 2010

It's time for another... GIVEAWAY!

Tadadadadadadada-dah! Now you darlings have a chance to get something new to your wardrobes or whatever you want! Since I'm feeling all christmasy all ready I'm giving one of you the chance to get an early christmas present! You can spend it yourself or give it to someone dear to you :)

And what is it..?


The gift card is worth 40€ (bujaka!) and you can spend it to things that are 40€ or you can buy something more expensive and spend the 40€ as a part of the payment. The only thing is that you have to spend the gift card at one time and you can only use it once, the postages are not included in the gift card! The gift card is only meant for Olivia Rouge Shop products, so you can't use it as a part of a made to measure order payment. The giveaway is open to everyone, everywhere!

The idea is the same,

1.post a comment to this post and make up a nick name for yourself or something.
2. This time you DON'T have to add your e-mail unless you want to. Just be sure to come and check my blog when the "lottery" is over to see that you are a winner!
3. If you want the double chance of winning, add an advertisement about this giveaway to your blog and let me know about it in your comment.
4. Come and see if you're the lucky winner!

The final day to participate is Sunday 31st of October (Hahahalloween!) and the winner will be announced on Monday the 1st of November.

Good luck!

perjantai 22. lokakuuta 2010

The New Collection is out NOW!

You like what your eyes see? Well you are more than welcome to shop at Olivia Rouge Shop! Since everything you just saw, is available there for you to purchase.

My new collection "Chic" is inspired by the festive season, all of the outfits are named after old hollywood stars and the colours are black, grey and glamorous red.

My lovely models were LouLou D'vil, Cherrie A. Dorable and Niina! The very talented photographer is Jose Ahonen.

Go on and find the inner Chic lady in you!

tiistai 19. lokakuuta 2010


Why is my blog broken? :( Why are all those elements that should be on the right side bar are below all my entries? I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. This thing looks like crap now! Darn you computers!

Anyway, anyone have any ideas?


maanantai 18. lokakuuta 2010

What to do on Halloween?

There is this magnificent happening coming up on Halloween, saturday 30th of October ! It's organized by Tampere's own Elvis! It's an annual event where all the Elvis fans of Finland come together to listen, well Elvis, played by Finnish bands and this year there is also some burlesque and some great shopping possibilites! That's right, I will be there selling my brand new collection (at least pieces of it, it's a little tight schedule to be able to make many of the clothes but anyway) as well as some "older" things.

There is an afternoon event as well as an evening event, the afternoon event is from 13-16 and I will be selling Olivia Rouge products there for sure. I haven't decided on the evening event yet, but still you should go there as well!

For more info (in finnish) go to: Facebook

keskiviikko 13. lokakuuta 2010

Olivia Rouge Shop is conquering the world!


Now ALL of you can go to my web boutique to buy some goodies! Since the whole website is now also in english and I have managed to fix postals so that I can ship to all corners of the world!

The most fantastic(ish) web boutique on earth

And if that's not enough for you, wait until you hear this; Olivia Rouge's new collection will be out in only a few weeks and the first place to see it is... you guessed it right, my lovely web boutique! Don't worry, I will inform you immediately as that happens! The photoshoot is on monday so after that.. we'll see!

But until that, you can still go and see some of my older products (well they aren't exactly old but..) and feel free to advertise whenever, wherever! >

maanantai 11. lokakuuta 2010

Monday, monday, monday..

So today (and this week) started in a crappiest way possible;

a) the renovation at my atelier is actually finished but on friday when I was moving furniture around I found some mold in the walls.. = there is some kind of water leak somewhere and it might need more renovating.. and this again isn't my fault!

b) I started to have an awful ache in my gums last weekend because I have a wisdom tooth making it's way to the public and it has a sharp angle to make my gums hurt soooo bad. This thing doesn't really help with my problems on my jaws (can't get my mouth open properly).

c) I feel like everything I do at work is crap and I'm not good at anything.

d) My bank is screwing with me and I hate it.

But since I'm still here breathing and haven't moved to another civilization, I found something that made my day:

Photos: google

That film is one of my favourites and it inspires me a whole lot, of course I could have found this at a normal price few years back, but since I'm such a miserly person, I decided to wait until I found it on sale. Well it took me the two years to manage to find it at my local movie rental place where they were having a -50% sale off of everything. So the price for the movie? 2,50€. But I highly recommend the movie mostly for the inspiration that it might bring!

Other than that I started a "new" life an began to eat on the low-carb way so lots of veggies and meat for me. It's almost been a week now and I still haven't weighed myself.. I'm getting kinda nervous that will I like the number on the scale or not. And this is not something that I feel like I have to do to look better, I've just come to the conclusion that I'm not feeling well with the diet that I have now (read: eat whatever you want), so I decided to try something different. And my mom has lost over 10kg in the last six months so it can't be that bad... Anyway if you are interested, I will share it with you how the process is going and are there any results.

lauantai 2. lokakuuta 2010


That just made our evening last night. Somebody has written us on the toilet wall at a local pub inside a heart and the writing below the arrow says: "Love between girls is beautiful". So are we famous now, since somebody bothers to write our name in a wall while doing their business? Hah!