maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010


I'ts a burlesque beer with feathers!

So yes the party is now over and it was quite nice, unlike last time, this time I could actually remember everything.. wonder why. The acts were all quite fab, but I didn't like the fact that after the last performance "normal" crowd started to pour in and suddenly the burlesque people (at least me and friends) felt like the "weirdos" even though it was "our" party! Especially when the people were staring and laughing at all the costumes that people had put on. So the end of the evening was quite blah for me, but then I went home and slept well and managed to go into my first lesson of pilates on Sunday. So it was a success anyway!

So I didn't take that many photos and the ones I took were so horrobul that why post them.. Anyway here is some footage and you can see our outfits!

Mine and Lily's outfits for the evening. She won the costume contest
and as you can see, she well deserved it!

That snake was soooooo big... gosh

Lili Sariola

One of the two hostesses of the evening, she was like a fruit bowl come to life! Yammeee! And the best part: she had onions hangin from her derriere! Hilarious!


4 kommenttia:

  1. Onneks sitten lähin melkein heti esitysten jälkeen. Tylsää jos oli blah! Mut tää sun blokkaus korvas sen etten saanu susta kuvaa..olet ihana! Fantastique! <3

  2. Ihanat asut molemmilla! Noita Lilyn vihreitä sulkahörpäkkeitä vähän kateellisena ihailin :)

  3. Kiitos Rhia! Se on toi meijän Lily sellanen sambaneiti niin siltä löytynee kaikkia aarteita aina.. mää kuljin suurimman osan illasta noi vihreet olkapäähärpäkkeiden sulat suussa.. hmm.

  4. Upealta näyttää, surullista, että nämä Tampereen tempaukset jää mulla aina väliin..