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I got this award from a lovely lady that has a blog by the name of Good Rockin' Baby. Enjoy my not so obvious favourite things!

The rules:
1. Post who gave you this award.
2. State ten things you like.
3. Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment.

10 things I like in a totally random order:

1. Carousel horses / Rockin horses

That is a small collection of my horses at the moment. I buy things that have carousel or rockin horses on them from time to time, but I'm not completely obsessed about this thing. I think they are the cutest thing even though I'm not really a fan of the actual real horses. And later I might have something like that decorating my skin as well, can't wait!

2. Frank Sinatra (swing music)

The first artist I started to listen when I got inspired by the whole 20's to 50's era and the style. I know he is a little obvious to be mentioned in this category but I find him to be a true legend and his songs are the ones I have been listening to the most from this era. i am also very proud that I have been performing in Las Vegas on the same stage as Sinatra along with Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr did all those years ago. To me it was a great big deal and I won't forget it.

3. Christmas

I have always been a christmas person and few yers back I took it to the extreme and started to wait for christmas on August and listen to christmas songs when I was home alone and made some presents for people. Well nowadays I don't have the time to be that enthusiast about Christmas but it does have a warm place in my heart. Usually the actual Christmas eve is quite normal, but I think it's the whole waiting for it and the atmosphere all and all. I do make all the Christmas cards myself still and try to make as many of the presents I give to people myself as well. Some of my friends might say that my Christmas-crazyness is the one thing that they would take away if they could!

4. Tea

I've never drank coffee. I have tasted it when I was a kid but after that never drank it or had the urge to do so. So here is my start of the morning, my favourite tea mug from Iittala and two of my favourite tea flavours. Mmm!

5. London

My favourite city of all the cities I've been to in the world. This is a place where I would move into if I had the chance. I've visited London 4 (or 5?) times now and I just can't get enough of it. It's love with a big L.

6. Cupcakes

Ok this one you might have guessed already if you think of my few other posts like this and this. Well anyway I love the way the cupcakes look and I love the way they taste and I love to be one on my first real Burlesque show, Cupcake Cutie. Those lovely sparkly cupcakes are actually christmas decorations from Stockmann, but I keep them on my kitchen all year round. They are so darn cute!

7. Leopard Print

Yes I am now very aware that I am completely insane. Actually when I was collecting these things that I have around my house that have leopard print on it and saw how retarded they look all together I just couldn't do anything but say to myself out loud that I have now lost it. Anyway, it was a few years back when I swore that I would never wear any animal prints.. and look what happened? I'm also planning on tattooing some of that print on myself, but we'll see..

oh and there are plenty of stuff missing from that photo like my 7 pairs leggings that have a different type of leopard print in them. Oh dear.

8. Movies

Me and my mister are fanatic movie people, mostly we like to watch movies in our home since we have this 46 inch flat screen.. anyway we rent a lot of movies from different kind of genres. Now this might sound bad, but I'm a sucker for Nazi-movies.. Not because I would agree or anything with the whole nazi-idea but because usually those movies are the most touching ones, since they are really sad and you just think how horrobul things have been. My absolutely favourite movie from this genre is The Pianist, of course it's not a bad thing that my true love Adrian is in it, but it is also the most touching movie I have ever seen. Can not watch it without crying. (oh and the other thing about the movies about nazis and why I like the flicks, is the ladies with their perfect hair and outfits and oh!). Another good movie about nazis is a film from Netherlands called Black Book (Zwartboek), I highly recommend!

9. Zombies

Me as Molly Monster and Miss Ruth Less on Halloween 2009

This one goes along quite well with that whole movie-theme since I do like my splatter zombie movies, but I am a true fan of zombies, I think they are the coolest bad guys there are! Forget about the way too handsome vampires and the boring werewolves, Zombies are the answer, yay!

10. My babe

Yes we are retards and he is the right retard for me! 7 years of being retards together! (oh and now all of your thoughts of my glamourness have disappeared with this photo in your head.. eh).

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  1. Sun leopardiprintti-kokoelma on aivan hillitön noin esiteltynä :D

  2. ina: tiedän :D järkytyin itekin niin älyttömästi että mietin jo että kehtaanko laittaa tota kuvaa ees tänne. Vois joku päivä pukee noi kaikki kerralla päälle.. eh.

  3. karusellihevoset ovat niin söpöjä! Ja todella, zombit vie voiton kaikista tvailaittien vamppyyreistä ja muista.. Way to go zombies :D


  4. Kiitos babe <3 hih vitsi noita leopardeja, huikea kokoelma :D