sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

A real summer birthday party

The Scenery below is the one that I woke up to last friday. It was 7 am and there was still some fog around and it was simply blissfull. Well I had to get up and do my here and get ready for the long awaited day! My mom and dad's 120th birthday party (I believe you got it 60 + 60..ehh).

So I changed into these sceneries and the party was held at an old dance hall and it was just amazing.

(the place was filled with these old commercial posters! I wanted to have all of them!)

Table centerpieces that I made out of plants collected from the nearby forests.

(Pauli looking awfully sad and staring the view but actually he was concentrating on listening to the radio with his phone and watching some massively big fishes on the shore)

My outfit for the evening

Dress: made by yours truly out of a vintage fabric
Belt: gifht from my aunt
Shoes: Bianco
Hair Flower: Bought from Las Vegas, can't remember the brand..

My darling godson! He was a charm that evening dancing the night away with everyone and taking a nap in between with the band playing in the next room. He is so cool.

I was also the "official" dressmaker for the party, since all of these dresses are made by me! From the right: My aunt, my mom, me and my cousins wife.

And let's not forget the birthday couple, my lovely mom and dad!


4 kommenttia:

  1. ihania mekkoja oot väsännyt. etenkin sun ja sun mamman mekko! upeeta työtä :) ja onnea!

  2. Ihania mekkoja! :) Ja mää aloin poraamaan tuon viimeisen kuvan kohdalla...mikä koti-ikävä?! äitit ja isit on <3

  3. Kiitos! Joo äiti ja isit on kyl maailman parhaimia <3 kyllä sä tuija sieltä vielä joskus pääset tänne kylmyyteen nii sit pääset halaileen omia vanhempias!