maanantai 9. elokuuta 2010

Productive day

Since it looked like that outside today, I though I would be verry productive and come home a little earlier from work (though I have plenty of stuff to do there as well)

I did some cleaning, like for instance:

"Organized" my closet (read: took the clothes from the floor and tried to fit them in to the closet) This part that is showing to you is just my dresses/skirts section and it seems I can't buy anymore of them in a while.. sigh!

And while cleaning, I found a lost friend! Now it hangs around next to my grandparents on our tv-table.

After cleaning I made some food. Mm-mm!

Oh and something random to the end. We burlesque stars seem to suffer from severe bruising. Though this particular one came in a burlesque party but not while I was on stage (and the accident didn't include alcohol nor high heels so don't even start people!), it actually happened when I was trying to decorate the Mustalahti harbour last friday and the stool I was standing on decided to make a suicide and take me with it. Darn!

Let's just hope it goes away until next weekends performance..

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