maanantai 23. elokuuta 2010

Love tattoo

So I promised a loooooong time ago to post a photo of my "new" (one year old.. ha!) tattoo when it is done. Honestly I haven't had a chance to get a proper photo of it where it looks good due to the location of the picture. Anyway here it is and I apologize for the lack of clothing but like I already said.. the location..

Photo: Jose Ahonen

TA-DAH! I love it and don't even want to remember the pain..

ps. the tattoo is wearing Minna Parikka though you can't really see it!

sunnuntai 22. elokuuta 2010

A real summer birthday party

The Scenery below is the one that I woke up to last friday. It was 7 am and there was still some fog around and it was simply blissfull. Well I had to get up and do my here and get ready for the long awaited day! My mom and dad's 120th birthday party (I believe you got it 60 + 60..ehh).

So I changed into these sceneries and the party was held at an old dance hall and it was just amazing.

(the place was filled with these old commercial posters! I wanted to have all of them!)

Table centerpieces that I made out of plants collected from the nearby forests.

(Pauli looking awfully sad and staring the view but actually he was concentrating on listening to the radio with his phone and watching some massively big fishes on the shore)

My outfit for the evening

Dress: made by yours truly out of a vintage fabric
Belt: gifht from my aunt
Shoes: Bianco
Hair Flower: Bought from Las Vegas, can't remember the brand..

My darling godson! He was a charm that evening dancing the night away with everyone and taking a nap in between with the band playing in the next room. He is so cool.

I was also the "official" dressmaker for the party, since all of these dresses are made by me! From the right: My aunt, my mom, me and my cousins wife.

And let's not forget the birthday couple, my lovely mom and dad!


torstai 12. elokuuta 2010

Be afraid! Horror!

Tomorrow you should all come to the fabulous Sally's chest of Mysteries in Semifinal, Helsinki, if you want to see some creepy burlesque (grotesque is a better word i believe :) ). I will be there shakin my bootie with some fab ladies an gents! Plenty of new horrifying acts, better be there!

For more info, go to: Facebook

maanantai 9. elokuuta 2010

Productive day

Since it looked like that outside today, I though I would be verry productive and come home a little earlier from work (though I have plenty of stuff to do there as well)

I did some cleaning, like for instance:

"Organized" my closet (read: took the clothes from the floor and tried to fit them in to the closet) This part that is showing to you is just my dresses/skirts section and it seems I can't buy anymore of them in a while.. sigh!

And while cleaning, I found a lost friend! Now it hangs around next to my grandparents on our tv-table.

After cleaning I made some food. Mm-mm!

Oh and something random to the end. We burlesque stars seem to suffer from severe bruising. Though this particular one came in a burlesque party but not while I was on stage (and the accident didn't include alcohol nor high heels so don't even start people!), it actually happened when I was trying to decorate the Mustalahti harbour last friday and the stool I was standing on decided to make a suicide and take me with it. Darn!

Let's just hope it goes away until next weekends performance..

sunnuntai 8. elokuuta 2010

Cruise around the world!

(photo: LouLou D'vil)
Miss Anne Thropy, Me, LouLou and Cherrie. The Sardin sisters!

Ship Ahoy was bloody awesome. All the shows were great, the crowd was awesome, I loved doing my act (though had some problems with it..) and I had a blast doing our new group number! Unfortunately I could'n take any photos since my camera is dead at the moment cause my charger is in Los Angeles... ha. But you should all go and see some video footage from the party that is on the Ilta-Sanomat web page: GO HERE!

sunnuntai 1. elokuuta 2010

The girly weekend alone

My weekend was kinda boring though I hoped it would be fantastic just to hang out by myself and do the things I wanted. Well not exactly. But I managed to relax a little bit..

And so did the kitties..
(Elviira is in love with our washed carpets!)

mmmmmm foooood...

Shirt: Vintage
Belt: trifted
Skirt: Vintage
Shoes: Andiamo

My outfit for today as I went shopping with my mom and bought....

Shoes: Bianco

SHOES!! I loooove that they have that 30's feel to them and they are gold. And they cost only 14€, and I believe they are quite good for dancing as well! Just can't wait for my dear LouLou's birthday bash which will be a whole night full of dancing.. and just two weeks away!

But now I got my mr. PS back home and we are going to watch UP and I'm going to cuddle!