tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

This just made my day

Photo from here as well.

I love the internet. Why? Because you can read all the nice stuff that people write about you (well sometimes at least), like this next thing that was written by a gal who was in Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend and also writes a blog:

"Next trip: Finland, to see the Tease Queens. I didn’t watch “Witches of Eastwick” five times in a row because I give a fuck about John Updike; no, it’s the Neapolitan Ice Cream Fantasy: the desire to get into it with a hot redhead, a hot brunette, and a hot blonde—all at once or on sequential evenings. They don’t even all have to be hot, really—Cher would be a little scary if not flanked by Susan and Michelle. (All I’d be thinking of is Will & Grace’s Jack in drag. But for more on Cher—and her glitzy BURLESQUE movie versus the reality—watch for my upcoming article in Vanity Fair.) ANYWAY these girls got my Neapolitan number—a hot blonde, a seriously stacked redhead, and a drop-dead gorgeous brunette drop their skirts to reveal laced corsets and garters—classic! Like good Scandal-navians—perfect bra strap tease, nix corsets, nix garters, stretch a stocking and bounce them off—1, 2, 3. Great timing, so hot, so simple."

I'm just so happy that people like us across the pond! You can read the whole thing here.

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