torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010

Pathetic day in the sun

Yesterday was officially my most pathetic day ever. After finishing up with a fetishy-styled photoshoot, I had plenty of time in my hands so I decided to stay in the city since I was all glamoured up already! Well I started calling my friends.. and I called.. and called and no one bloody picked up! So there I was with no friends in sight, Pauli still at work for another two hours (he can't answer the phone while being at work) and me alone with my mood for some boogie. So I went and bought some long drinks and sat to a near by park. Sat there for the whole two hours with no one calling me back and listening to the old winos telling their stories and fighting.. I didn't even have my music with me goddamnit!

Ps. how random is the fact that I'm carrying a ridin crop with me even though I've ever bearly touched a horse.. not that random at all when it's me you're talking about! Ha!

But all and all it was a relaxing way to spend my evening rather than sitting in this steamy sauna that you can also call our apartment. Pauli got off from work and we went to have a drink at a familiar bar. End of story.

Shoe: Lady Diva from LA

This is how bored I was, I actually made a photo serie of my shoe hanging out in the grass... wait, what?

4 kommenttia:

  1. myyh et sää mulle soitellu. mut enpä ollu kyl kaupungissakaan :D

  2. no muistelin et oot ollu kipeenä? en sit viittiny :/

  3. No voi ei :/ Mutta joskus sellainen all-by-myseeeeelf päivä voi loppujen lopuks olla ihan jees...

  4. sellanen on jee sillon kun sellasen on suunnitellu vartavasten, mutta tommonen pakollinen yksinoleilu on vähä lame..