lauantai 31. heinäkuuta 2010

If I was a rich girl..

What becomes when you add internet + me home alone for the whole weekend + being sorta bored? A whole lot of surfing in the internet and finding things you can't afford.

Some lovely dresses from Trashy Diva

I don't even want to start to browse through some websites with shoes.. oh that reminds me, I have to go and see this lovely 30's inspired shoes I saw in a department store in the city.

That is when I have some money.


keskiviikko 28. heinäkuuta 2010




Dress: vintage from flea market, 6€. Bargain!
Shoes: Mecca

I had a nice relaxing evening with Pauli last night, we went for a little (I mean seriously ridicilously little) walk and ended up in my parents place drinking some strawberry lemonade that my mom had made herself. It is the juiciest thing in the world. That's all folks.

sunnuntai 25. heinäkuuta 2010


Remember when I was whining about a boring day alone? Well before the day got boring I had a photoshoot and I am quite pleased with the results!

All photos by Jose Ahonen
Corset and cap: hiroNIA
Gloves: vintage leather ( <3 )
Bra: vintage from mom

torstai 22. heinäkuuta 2010

Ahoy Sailors!

Where you should be on Friday two weeks from now? In Tampere, Mustalahti harbour watching some sassy ladies shakin their tails! It's time for Ship Ahoy (that's the facebook page for all the important info!) once again!

This years performers include these lovely ladies on stage with me! :

Photo: By Analyzed Art
Miss Anne Thropy

Photo: Tuomas Lairila
Tin Ker Bell
Photo: Stavale
Jackie O'Lantern
Photo: Marko Saari
Lola Manchego

Photo: Ilkka Kyllönen
LouLou D'vil

Photo: Juha Laine
Cherrie A. Dorable

Photo: Anton Sucksdorff
Itty Bitty Tease Cabaret

Photo: Ilkka Kyllönen
Tease Queens

You can see some sweets from last years party on the following blogs:

Adorable Burlesque
Nelliinan vaatehuone
Evil Dressmaker

And here you can see some video footage as well!


tiistai 13. heinäkuuta 2010

This just made my day

Photo from here as well.

I love the internet. Why? Because you can read all the nice stuff that people write about you (well sometimes at least), like this next thing that was written by a gal who was in Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend and also writes a blog:

"Next trip: Finland, to see the Tease Queens. I didn’t watch “Witches of Eastwick” five times in a row because I give a fuck about John Updike; no, it’s the Neapolitan Ice Cream Fantasy: the desire to get into it with a hot redhead, a hot brunette, and a hot blonde—all at once or on sequential evenings. They don’t even all have to be hot, really—Cher would be a little scary if not flanked by Susan and Michelle. (All I’d be thinking of is Will & Grace’s Jack in drag. But for more on Cher—and her glitzy BURLESQUE movie versus the reality—watch for my upcoming article in Vanity Fair.) ANYWAY these girls got my Neapolitan number—a hot blonde, a seriously stacked redhead, and a drop-dead gorgeous brunette drop their skirts to reveal laced corsets and garters—classic! Like good Scandal-navians—perfect bra strap tease, nix corsets, nix garters, stretch a stocking and bounce them off—1, 2, 3. Great timing, so hot, so simple."

I'm just so happy that people like us across the pond! You can read the whole thing here.

keskiviikko 7. heinäkuuta 2010

How to deal with the summer heat... swim!

When it's as hot at it is at the moment here in Finland all you can do (besides melting in your underwear at home) is to do this (although in a lake rather than a swimming pool in vegas.. and with pauli and not the girls)

Photos by my dear Cherrie.

torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2010

Pathetic day in the sun

Yesterday was officially my most pathetic day ever. After finishing up with a fetishy-styled photoshoot, I had plenty of time in my hands so I decided to stay in the city since I was all glamoured up already! Well I started calling my friends.. and I called.. and called and no one bloody picked up! So there I was with no friends in sight, Pauli still at work for another two hours (he can't answer the phone while being at work) and me alone with my mood for some boogie. So I went and bought some long drinks and sat to a near by park. Sat there for the whole two hours with no one calling me back and listening to the old winos telling their stories and fighting.. I didn't even have my music with me goddamnit!

Ps. how random is the fact that I'm carrying a ridin crop with me even though I've ever bearly touched a horse.. not that random at all when it's me you're talking about! Ha!

But all and all it was a relaxing way to spend my evening rather than sitting in this steamy sauna that you can also call our apartment. Pauli got off from work and we went to have a drink at a familiar bar. End of story.

Shoe: Lady Diva from LA

This is how bored I was, I actually made a photo serie of my shoe hanging out in the grass... wait, what?