torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

Ofelia Market - the days after

Here it is! My lovely model posse in Ofelia Market last Sunday. Unfortunately all the photos of the actual fashion show are complete mess (hello me behind the camera, never a good idea..), but here are some single photos of the ladies, and THE man!

Last but definately not least, our FANtastic feather fanman, Sir Willy Waterlily!

There was also a performance by an amazing pole dance artist, Miia Rytkönen, who happened to also be my model (lucky me). She did a great job and it was really nice to see her in action in real life. Makes me wanna be more flexible!

Oh yeah I was there as well (ha!) as the saleslady with my dear gal Kinkku and that's our table! (Why oh why do I keep looking like a total retard? Well let's not forget that before that shot I had been running around for a little over 3 hours to make sure everything was ok and the way I wanted.)

Anyway, next time Ofelia Market will be in Tampere, but let's see if I can make it!

2 kommenttia:

  1. voin kertoa että olit kyllä niin upean näkösenä tuolla Ofeliassa, että menin ihan hämilleni kun näin sut ihan näin oikeessa elämässä! :)

  2. Voi ninniseni pelastit juuri mun illan kommentillasi! En ymmärrä miten voin aina tommosissa random kuvissa olla noin jyrsijän näkönen.. mutta kiva kiitos, tuo piristi :)