lauantai 29. toukokuuta 2010

Monday is going to be a sad day.. for kitties + colour of the day?

(I tried to take some supercute photos with Elviira as well, but I wasn't feeling the idea of posting photos with my arm looking bigger than my head for the whole world to see..)

Monday is a very sad day for our kitties, since they hate being home alone and this time, they have to be almost alone (well we're not here but my parents will visit many many times) for two weeks! I don't know how they or I will manage.. oh well when I get back there will be a million hugs and kisses.

In other news, I went to Nitrobabe today to try on this supercute houswife dress that I saw couple of days ago in there. I managed to get it for a real bargain, since I had a deal with the owner, Kikka that I can have something from the boutique for the price that they pay for the product, since I did some slight modelling for them once at a fashion show. And you remember that I have an obsession about cupcakes?

Shoes: Nelly. com
Hair Fascinator: Seppälä

And you might have already guessed the colour of today? PINK! My flowers in the balcony somehow managed to match my dress and shoes.. and let's not forget the fabric that I chose for my ultrafabulous glittery Vegas evening gown:

Have I mentioned, that I used to HATE pink as a colour and swore that I would never wear it?

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