sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2010

Something old into something fab!

This sunday has been quite mellow. I slept very late (it was almost noon) and got up, did some work on the computer, watched a documentary about people who hate Obama and went to have some dinner with bunny and my folks. I was supposed to take photos of the food and the venue but I didn't remember it until my plate was empty..

But I did some little crafting with my winter boots! I have had the shoes for like 5 (?) years and now the ribbons on the back have started to annoy me so I needed to do something about it..

This is what they looked like before...

And this is what they look like now! I just added some black satin ribbon and voilá the shoes look even more cute than before!

Now it's time for a movie and making my performance outifits a little bit more bling for the tour!

Tomorrow it is time for a little battle...

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ooooh, I`d love to have those "lapikkaat" in red leather.<3

  2. That would be fantastic! As well as black ones, but I am very happy with my current ones as well, since I found them from a flea market and they were 9€ and in a mint condition.. not bad at all.