perjantai 22. tammikuuta 2010

Pack your bags!

Some very nice things are waiting for me on May/June..

Los Angeles!


Las Vegas Baby!
We are going there with my gals and some boys to see the Miss Exotic World Pageant and maybe more...

I just couldn't be any happier! The flights are now booked and payed so there is no turning back now, and why should there be!

I am just so happy to spend the vacation with Cherrie and LouLou as well as my bunny!

Since I'm not used to the hot weather, I have to come up with some new clothes that don't weigh much and look damn hot. It's kinda hard to imagine something like that when it's -18 degrees here in Finland.. damn!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Have a really nice time in there.. I'm so jealous ;)

  2. Oh wow! Sounds like really amazing way to spend a holiday! I'm going to be so green of envy when the time comes =)

  3. I am so excited myself! I wish we could make it to the acutal Miss exotic world as performers, but I would be so excited anyway! And the fact that I'm going to spend that holiday with THE best girls AND with my hubby and other cool dudes like kitten de ville.. what more could I ask for? Hooray!! And thank you guys <3

  4. Mekin lähetään sinne Eddin kaa. Mut vast ens vuonna, talvella.