sunnuntai 31. tammikuuta 2010

Something old into something fab!

This sunday has been quite mellow. I slept very late (it was almost noon) and got up, did some work on the computer, watched a documentary about people who hate Obama and went to have some dinner with bunny and my folks. I was supposed to take photos of the food and the venue but I didn't remember it until my plate was empty..

But I did some little crafting with my winter boots! I have had the shoes for like 5 (?) years and now the ribbons on the back have started to annoy me so I needed to do something about it..

This is what they looked like before...

And this is what they look like now! I just added some black satin ribbon and voilá the shoes look even more cute than before!

Now it's time for a movie and making my performance outifits a little bit more bling for the tour!

Tomorrow it is time for a little battle...

perjantai 22. tammikuuta 2010

Pack your bags!

Some very nice things are waiting for me on May/June..

Los Angeles!


Las Vegas Baby!
We are going there with my gals and some boys to see the Miss Exotic World Pageant and maybe more...

I just couldn't be any happier! The flights are now booked and payed so there is no turning back now, and why should there be!

I am just so happy to spend the vacation with Cherrie and LouLou as well as my bunny!

Since I'm not used to the hot weather, I have to come up with some new clothes that don't weigh much and look damn hot. It's kinda hard to imagine something like that when it's -18 degrees here in Finland.. damn!

perjantai 15. tammikuuta 2010

Olivia Rouge Shop- improved and easier!

I am very happy to announce that my little boutique, Olivia Rouge Shop has turned itself into a "real" web boutique. The website is in english, but it isn't possible for you to buy things from the website to other countries than Finland just by clicking the things. If you are however interested in purchasing something, please send me an e-mail here:

But feel free to go and check it out!

Olivia Rouge Shop

lauantai 9. tammikuuta 2010

Saturday bliss

Tonight I had a cover up show for my girl Cherrie A. Dorable who was sick in bed and had a show at a 50th birthay party of some man and her wife had ordered Cherrie to perform there. Well since she wasn't going to make it, it was my job to do and good thing is that they accepted me to cover for her. Doing shows is a lot of fun, but also coming home is something special. Like tonight I decided to go into my bed with huge cushions and read.

Sometimes being at home is the best thing in the world. Like today.

keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2010

Queens of Tease Tour 2010!

I'ts officially here! The dates and cities of our Queens of Tease Tour 2010 have now been released! You can come and see us at least in the following places:

12.2. Jyväskylä, London Pub
13.2. Huittinen, Seurahuone
17.2. Hämeenlinna, Suistoklubi
19.2. Rauma, Bar Hovi
20.2. Seinäjoki, Karma
21.2. Levi, Porocks
22.2. Levi, Porocks
23.2. Levi, Porocks
24.2 Oulu, 45 Special
26.2. Tampere, Bricks
27.2. Helsinki, Presidentti

There might be some gigs added later but for now those are officially places where you can see us! I'm so excited, the whole month of crazyness with my two favourite girls and the one and only Kitten DeVille from California. Finland, get ready for us!