sunnuntai 26. joulukuuta 2010

Christmas eve

I spent the Christmas eve at my parents, where our whole family was together again after a while.

I had made myself a brand new "christmas shirt", which hat golden (!) leopard print on it. Sassy,
you say?

I had to do my hair in a bit hurry and it was completely wet after being in sauna, so this is what I came up with. Finished with a silk christmas flower (that i stole from my moms bouquet..ha!)

(yes I hate it too that the hair is sort of floating around.. mrrh! And yes no lipstick, since christmas is all about eating.)

All he need is a cigar on his hand and his ready for the next Godfather film.. My dude!

Plenty of presents.. and I got the nicest ones! (Maybe a post about those later, if you are interested?).

My sister with Rico.

Oh and we had Santa Claus visiting us as well! He did blurp out the word grandpa but maybe the little dude didn't get it..

Pee. Ess! There is winter sale going on in Olivia Rouge Shop! And some nice campaigns and and and.. Help me make room for new products!

torstai 23. joulukuuta 2010

Setting myself to christmas mode

With these photos I want to thank you all for the past year and wish you a very relaxing, beautiful Christmas.

I'm turning myself to the Christmas mode right about now.
Have a glass of baileys and wake up early tomorrow to go to my parents place and have a perfect evening with my whole family.

keskiviikko 22. joulukuuta 2010

Vote for me as a sweetheart cover girl!

Hi darlings, I need a little help from you!

I'm in a competition, where you can get a chance to be the cover of Vintage Life Magazines Valentine issue cover girl!

All you need to do is go to Vintage Life facebook page and "like" the page and then "like" my photo.

Thank you all in advance!

torstai 16. joulukuuta 2010

A perfect winter day

Waiting for my bus in -20C (I was in a car accident last saturday so my darling renttu won't be driving me around in a while.. maybe never :( and that is why I take a bus to work now ).

This is what I pretty much look like nowadays.

Today the weather was a bit less cold so my parents, my mister and my godson Rico went to the christmas market, bought our christmas ham and so on.

It was so nice to visit the Christmas market which was held in the middle of Tampere. Made me feel all christmasy!

And this is what I found from a local flea market. First I wasn't sure if I was going to buy it (it was 26€), but then I took a glimpse at the inside to make sure it's not broken.. and what did I find..

The whole thing was filled with vintage sewing equipments! Suddenly the price wasn't in my mind at all anymore.

I have plenty of these little pastille boxes in my atelier filled with needles and snaps and so, all of them I have gotten from someones grandma. This one might not be so different at all and I was eager to see what it held inside..

Vintage garter snap thingies! these are my absolute favourite things to find within vintage sewing equipments!

The box also included the owners old nametags with initials in them. How adorable are those? I wonder what the name of the owner must be, something swedish though 'cause all the things that were written by hand were swedish.

And this thing was a final guarantee that the box had found it's right owner! I mean come on, kitties on the labels! KITTIES!

So thank you some random grandma from Sweden (or Finland who also spoke swedish) for giving me this treasure. I will cherish it and love it a whole bunch.

tiistai 7. joulukuuta 2010

Events you should participate in!

Next Saturday 11th of December, it's time to make the Christmas a bit more rock'n'roll with some live music, derriere shakin ladies and amazing atmosphere! It's time for Devil's Lounge! Yours truly won't be shaking her things at the event and might not even make it. It all depends on if I still have some extra fuel on me to get back from a show in Joensuu on friday (6h drive then go and party (without drinking) and then drive alone to Helsinki when it's already night time..goddamn..). But you should go, its magnificent! I have two of my lovely ladies performing, LouLou D'vil and Cherry Dee who most of you might also know as the lady behind this blog. And addition to those gals there is some spice from UK, Kitty Bang Bang!

The party is also a record publishing party for Vulture Club, which is a great psychobilly band from Tampere! So are these infos enough for you to go to the party? YES! Tickets can be purchased in advance from Dog's Home.

As I already mentioned, next sunday I will be heading towards Helsinki for the Ofelia Market. It's fourth time for me and hopefully just as joyful as the past times! This time I won't be part of the fashion show (though I wanted) due to the lack of time of picking out models and organizing everything.
Anyway, this is a great market to come and make some christmas finds for the people in your life that deserve to get gifts. Why not buy the gifts from Finnish designers and people who make handicrafts? Go Finland! But anyway I will see you there!

And last but not least an event I am looking forward a lot! It's great to know in advance what to do on New Years Eve, since usually the eve is filled with plans that never work. Well this time it is going to work! I will be performing along with my gals LouLou and Cherrie of course, but with us is a fantastic boylesque performer Sir Willy Waterlily! And if you are looking for something else besides booties and boobies (are you, really?) there is also a magician Jose Ahonen entertaining you that evening as well! Yes the same Jose who is a great photographer as well! The music master of the evening is Mr. Willy D'vil so you better put some shoes on that you can dance with! Plus there is a delicious champagne bar by Martini!

The tickets can be bought in advance from Nitrobabe or from Kahvila Valo.

That's all for now folks! Make sure you add these events to your calendar asap!

Aglaia Design giveaway winner!

It's time my darlings! The giveway winner is found and this time the lucky lady is....


Congratulations, the Aglaia Design crew will contact you directly.

And the rest of you, don't you worry! There will be other giveaways if not somebody else's products, then definately mine!

maanantai 6. joulukuuta 2010

Welcome to Porvoo

I think the photos tell more than words. This weekend we went to my mr's mom's place in Loviisa and it's right next to a gorgeus city, Porvoo that I've never visited before. This time I forced Pauli to walk around with me in the "Old city" of Porvoo. I just want to move there and have a cute little boutique/atelier and ride with my grandma bike to work everyday, ok?

Today is Finland's independence day and we have been independent for 93 years. I will celebrate the evening with my family: first a dinner at my parents place and then we will watch Presidents independence reception from TV with my mom and sister and gossip about all the dresses, what is good and what isn't.

I also lighted up a candle for my Grandpa Toivo (Toivo is hope in english) who was one of the soldiers in the war that got us independent. I miss him.

tiistai 30. marraskuuta 2010


Yep. It's officially winter. Lately it has been around -20 c degrees in here and since I work on my atelier by myself most of the time, I have to admit, I don't really care how I look, as long as I'm comfortable and warm (some of you might think that it's odd to use the word comfortable in an outfit that also includes a tight lacing corset..ha!) since it's 15 degrees warm inside my atelier at the moment.. yes I'm freezing.

So since it is winter, I have started to wear my long time lovers, the Lapikkaat. (+ my best winter coat ever; IvanaHelsinki's Best Friends-winter coat, love it and got it for a bargain!)

When I get to my atelier, it's just as frozen.. so I have decided to make my only small window a bit more wintery/christmasy:


Outside. (Me says hi!).

After work I get home to my two new favourite things in our home (addition to the sofa set that I haven't got bored of even the slightest!

Our new hallway lamp, has a sort of vintage feel to it, don't you think? And no it's not that dark in our hallway when the lamp is on!

And then my christmas present for myself. A dressing table. Loooove it! Now I just need to get a house to fit it.. believe me, I've been warming my mister up so that he would agree for us to try an get a loan and get our own home <3>