sunnuntai 27. joulukuuta 2009

At the end of the year..

I have made a New Year's Resolution and it has something to do with this blog, well actually a lot. Since my promise for next year is to try and update this blog much more often and make some more interesting entries about my style, life and things that inspire me.

And now before I get started, I would like to know is there anything that you would like me to make an entry of? Just leave a comment on my box and we'll see what I can do about it.

I have been very busy lately and also kinda down for various of reasons. One of the biggest reasons for my new year's resolution is the fact that my time at my normal job has come to it's end. They are "letting me go" (read: telling me that my contract won't be continued after New Year) so in other words I'm on my own now and have to start working with my trademark as well as with burlesque a whole lot more, since I'm not even trying to apply to any other jobs.. And because of all this fuss I may have more time and energy to make entries about fabulous things! And I have to wear nice clothes and hair much more often to make myself look more like me rather than some gal in a saleswoman uniform. And it also gives a nice impression of me as a businesswoman representing my trademark.

Well enough with this la-didaa! Let's move on to something much more fabulous: CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! It seems that I have been a very, I mean very good girl during the past year.. or at least that is what my bunny seems to think;

Well first of all, the thing I shoot these photos with

How can you tell, you have chosen a right man to be with? He buys you shoes!

And not just any shoes.. one of those shoes in the dark blurry picture are Minna Parikka's Sophy-shoes... mmmmm!

The other "how to tell you are with the perfect guy"- thing is that he buys you books with hot chicks almost naked in them! (Well the Immodesty Blaize book is a Novel, but a dirty one!) And he also buys you one of your favourite perfumes <3>

(Have some sympathy on me, I still don't know how the use the camera so excuse me for the crappy photos..)

I also might have the best big sister in the world who goes out to flea markets and does some splendid vintage-finds for me

And last but definately not least I got this from my dad. It will join the rest of my rocking horses and carousel horses, since I am obsessed about them. And it has sparkles in it!

So that is just some of what I got and I am truly grateful of all the fantastic gifts!

But now I think I could say Happy New Year everyone and I'll see you next year, hopefully a whole lot more often!

5 kommenttia:

  1. It would be really nice, to meet you here a bit more often!

    Happy 2010 for you to and enjoy your lovely presents!

  2. Good to know we'll be hearing from U more cos I only just recently found your blog!

    regs, Prefecta

  3. I always enjoy your posts as you share my love of all things sparkly!
    I like that you show the glamour of your life.
    Envious of those beautiful vintage earrings there!

  4. anteeks oon laiska kirjottaa enkuks. mut mul on tommone samanlainen ruusupussukka jossain kätköissä minkä oot saanu siskoltas! ja sun pitää tehä semmone entry mis esittelet kaikkii sun esiintymisasuja ja muitakin juttuja mitä oot ommellut ja tehnyt jne! :)