torstai 12. marraskuuta 2009


Hello Darlings!

Right now I'm about to inform you about some fabulous events where you can spot the Tease Queens shakin' their booties and such!

First, the little christmas party at Laterna, Tampere, on 28th of November is something you shall not miss. That night is the opening night for our brand new act, "Boudoir" that we have been planning for quite a while and I have been working my ass off making the costumes. Here is a little preview of what you might expect (not the clothes though, they will be something even more fabulous and sparkly!). You can buy tickets from our Vaudeville Boutique ( YES THE WEBSITE IS NOW OPEN!!!!)

We also have another event on December where we are performing and it is held at Jack the Rooster, which is an awesome rock bar in the heart of Tampere. The event is on 11th of December and you should be there too!

And there is also happening something very exciting next February.. THE QUEENS OF TEASE TOUR WITH KITTEN DEVILLE! I will put some more info about it later to you guys :)

sunnuntai 1. marraskuuta 2009


My halloween as Molly Monster was excellent, making a burlesque show that we wanted to call grotesque with Miss Ruth Less (also known as Cherrie A. Dorable). And yes it was a blast. Why wouldn't it? Vampires, zombies and boobies? What more could you ask!