tiistai 15. syyskuuta 2009


(Photos by Laura Happo from our boutique)

Tomorrow it happens my darlings!

We open our boutique at 11. am and we are open until 6p.m so you have plenty of time to come and do some serious shopping! At the already familiar address Rautatienkatu 26, Tampere.

(Necklace by Aglaia Design)

Don't be scared or disappointed if there are some things missing, because there will be new stuff coming in all the time! So you just have to make Vaudeville Boutique one of your everyday stops :)

(Fascinators by Olivia Rouge)

Oh and don't forget that we are also part of next weekends Designtori and we will be selling our sweet things over there as well. And I have to put some advertisement, but since I get all the profits of Olivia Rouge-products over there, it would be nice for you to come and buy stuff from me from that market :) So make some time in your schedule for saturday and sunday from 12 a.m to 6 p.m!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Congratulations! such an exciting venture :) Hope it all goes well and I hope I can stop by the store one day when I travel !

  2. Good luck for your grand opening! I'm definitely going to pay a visit to see what trasures you have on your stock. I'm already totally in love with those fascinators above <3

  3. Haa! Olen ollut superkiireinen, mutta avajaispäivä on isosti ja punaisella alleviivattu kalenteriin! Olette mahtavia!