perjantai 3. heinäkuuta 2009

The more professional entry!

New products on Olivia Rouge Shop!

Oh yes darlings, I have added some new stuff to the Olivia Rouge website. Mostly accessories such as that one above.

There are also some discounted items on the SALE-section, make sure you check them out as well!

During the late summer / early fall, there might be some great big news I can tell you people, about a place where my stuff might be sold..but now it's a little bit too early! But I can tell you that there will be more lovely clothes coming up during Fall, so stay tuned and shop til you drop!

Olivia Rouge Shop

I will be adding more stuff to as well, hopefully already today!

On the more burlesque news..

I have some excellent performances coming up such as:

And other ones coming up later! Everyone who lives in tampere or migh want to come to the Ship Ahoy! -party, I strongly recommend you do. There will be some brand new acts and the price of the ticket is such a bargain!

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